Malachi 2:11-15

  11 H3063 Judah H898 has dealt treacherously, H8441 and a abomination H6213 is committed H3478 in Israel H3389 and in Jerusalem; H3063 for Judah H2490 has profaned H6944 the holiness H3068 of the Lord H157 which he loved, H1166 and has married H1323 the daughter H5236 of a strange H410 god.
  12 H3068 The Lord H3772 will cut off H376 the man H6213 that does H5782 this, the master H6030 and the scholar, H168 out of the tabernacles H3290 of Jacob, H5066 and him that offers H4503 a offering H3068 unto the Lord H6635 of hosts.
  13 H6213 And this have you done H8145 again, H3680 covering H4196 the altar H3068 of the Lord H1832 with tears, H1065 with weeping, H603 and with crying out, H6437 so much that he regards H4503 not the offering H3947 any more, or receives H7522 it with good will H3027 at your hand.
  14 H559 Yet you say, H4100 Therefore? H3068 Because the Lord H5749 has been witness H802 between you and the wife H5271 of your youth, H898 against whom you have dealt treacherously: H2278 yet is she your companion, H802 and the wife H1285 of your covenant.
  15 H6213 And did not he make H259 one? H7605 Yet had he the residue H7307 of the spirit. H259 And therefore one? H1245 That he might seek H430 a godly H2233 seed. H8104 Therefore take care H7307 to your spirit, H898 and let none deal treacherously H802 against the wife H5271 of his youth.