Luke 9

  1 G1161 Then G4779 he called G846 his G1427 twelve G3101 disciples G4779 together, G1325 and gave G846 them G1411 power G2532 and G1849 authority G1909 over G3956 all G1140 demons, G2532 and G2323 to cure G3554 diseases.
  2 G2532 And G649 he sent G846 them G2784 to preach G932 the kingdom G2316 of God, G2532 and G2390 to heal G770 the sick.
  3 G2532 And G2036 he said G4314 to G846 them, G142 Take G3367 nothing G1519 for G3598 your journey, G3383 neither G4464 poles, G3383 nor G4082 food bag, G3383 neither G740 bread, G3383 neither G694 money; G3383 neither G2192 have G1417 two G5509 coats G303 apiece.
  4 G2532 And G3739 whatever G302   G3614 house G1525 you enter G1519 into, G1563 there G3306 stay, G2532 and G1564 there G1831 depart.
  5 G2532 And G3745 whoever G302   G1209 will G3361 not G1209 receive G5209 you, G1831 when you go out G575 of G1565 that G4172 city, G660 shake off G2868 the G2532 very G2868 dust G575 from G5216 your G4228 feet G1519 for G3142 a testimony G1909 against G846 them.
  6 G1161 And G1831 they departed, G1330 and went G2596 through G2968 the towns, G2097 preaching the gospel, G2532 and G2323 healing G3837 every where.
  7 G1161 Now G2264 Herod G5076 the tetrarch G191 heard G1096 of G3956 all G1096 that was done G5259 by G846 him: G2532 and G1280 he was perplexed, G1223 because G3588 that G3004 it was said G5259 of G5100 some, G3754 that G2491 John G1453 was risen G1537 from G3498 the dead;
  8 G1161 And G5259 of G5100 some, G3754 that G2243 Elijah G5316 had appeared; G1161 and G243 of others, G3754 that G1520 one G4396 of the G744 old G4396 prophets G450 was risen again.
  9 G2532 And G2264 Herod G2036 said, G2491 John G607 have G1473 I G607 beheaded: G1161 but G5101 who G2076 is G3778 this, G4012 of G3739 whom G1473 I G191 hear G5108 such things? G2532 And G2212 he desired G1492 to see G846 him.
  10 G2532 And G652 the apostles, G5290 when they were returned, G1334 told G846 him G3745 all that G4160 they had done. G2532 And G3880 he took G846 them, G5298 and went aside G2596   G2398 privately G1519 into G5117 a G2048 desert G5117 place G4172 belonging to the city G2564 called G966 Bethsaida.
  11 G1161 And G3793 the people, G1097 when they knew G190 it, followed G846 him: G2532 and G1209 he received G846 them, G2980 and spoke G846 to them G4012 of G932 the kingdom G2316 of God, G2532 and G2390 healed G2192 them that had G5532 need G2322 of healing.
  12 G1161 And G756 when G2250 the day G756 began G2827 to wear away, G1161 then G4334 came G1427 the twelve, G2036 and said G846 to him, G630 Send G3793 the multitude G630 away, G2443 that G565 they may go G1519 into G2968 the towns G2532 and G68 country G2945 round about, G2647 and lodge, G2532 and G2147 get G1979 food: G3754 for G2070 we are G5602 here G1722 in G2048 a desert G5117 place.
  13 G1161 But G2036 he said G4314 to G846 them, G1325 Give G5210   G846 them G5315 something to eat. G1161 And G2036 they said, G2254 We G1526 have G3756 no G4119 more G2228 than G4002 five G740 loaves G2532 and G1417 two G2486 fish; G1487 unless G3385   G2249 we G4198 should go G59 and buy G1033 food G1519 for G3956 all G5126 this G2992 people.
  14 G1063 For G2258 there were G5616 about G4000 five thousand G435 men. G1161 And G2036 he said G4314 to G846 his G3101 disciples, G2625 Make G846 them G2625 sit down G303 by G4004 fifties G2828 in a company.
  15 G2532 And G4160 they did G3779 so, G2532 and G347 made G537 them all G347 sit down.
  16 G1161 Then G2983 he took G740 the G4002 five G740 loaves G2532 and G2486 the G1417 two G2486 fish, G308 and looking up G1519 to G3772 heaven, G2127 he blessed G846 them, G2532 and G2622 broke, G2532 and G1325 gave G3101 to the disciples G3908 to set before G3793 the multitude.
  17 G2532 And G5315 they did eat, G2532 and G5526 were G3956 all G5526 filled: G2532 and G142 there was taken up G2801 of fragments G4052 that remained G846 to them G1427 twelve G2894 baskets.
  18 G2532 And G1096 it came to pass, G1722 as G846 he G1511 was G2651 alone G4336 praying, G3101 his disciples G4895 were with G846 him: G2532 and G1905 he asked G846 them, G3004 saying, G5101 Whom G3004 say G3793 the people G5101 that G3165 I G1511 am?
  19 G3588 They G611 answering G2036 said, G2491 John G910 the Baptist; G1161 but G243 some G2243 say, Elijah; G1161 and G243 others G3754 say, that G5100 one G4396 of the G744 old G4396 prophets G450 is risen again.
  20 G2036 He said G846 to them, G1161 But G5101 whom G3004 say G5210 you G5101 that G3165 I G1161 am? G4074 Peter G611 answering G2036 said, G5547 The Christ G2316 of God.
  21 G1161 And G2008 he directly warned G846 them, G3853 and commanded G2036 them to tell G3367 no man G5124 that thing;
  22 G3754 Saying, G5207 The Son G444 of man G1163 must G3958 suffer G4183 many things, G2532 and G593 be rejected G575 of G4245 the elders G2532 and G749 chief priests G2532 and G1122 scribes, G2532 and G615 be slain, G2532 and G1453 be raised G2250 the G5154 third G2250 day.
  23 G1161 And G3004 he said G4314 to G3956 them all, G1487 If G5100 any G2309 man will G2064 come G3694 after G3450 me, G533 let him deny G1438 himself, G2532 and G142 take up G846 his G4716 cross G2596   G2250 daily, G2532 and G190 follow G3427 me.
  24 G1063 For G3739 whoever G302   G2309 will G4982 save G846 his G5590 life G622 shall lose G846 it: G1161 but G3739 whoever G302   G622 will lose G846 his G5590 life G1752 for G1700 my G1752 sake, G3778 the same G4982 shall save G846 it.
  25 G1063 For G5101 what G5623 is G444 a man G5623 advantaged, G2770 if he gain G3650 the whole G2889 world, G1161 and G622 lose G1438 himself, G2228 or G2210 be cast away?
  26 G1063 For G3739 whoever G302   G1870 shall be ashamed G3165 of me G2532 and G3056 of G1699 my G3056 words, G5126 of him G1870 shall G5207 the Son G444 of man G1870 be ashamed, G3752 when G2064 he shall come G1722 in G846 his own G1391 glory, G2532 and G3962 in his Father's, G2532 and G32 of the G40 holy G32 angels.
  27 G1161 But G3004 I tell G5213 you G230 of a truth, G1526 there be G5100 some G2476 standing G5602 here, G3739 which G1089 shall G3756 not G3361   G1089 taste G2288 of death, G2193 until G302   G1492 they see G932 the kingdom G2316 of God.
  28 G1161 And G1096 it came to pass G5616 about G2250 a G3638 eight G2250 days G3326 after G5128 these G2532 sayings, G3880 he took G4074 Peter G2532 and G2491 John G2532 and G2385 James, G305 and went up G1519 into G3735 a mountain G4336 to pray.
  29 G2532 And G1096 as G1722   G846 he G4336 prayed, G1491 the appearance G4383 of G846 his G4383 face G2087 was altered, G2532 and G846 his G2441 clothes G3022 were white G1823 and dazzling.
  30 G2532 And, G2400 behold, G4814 there talked with G846 him G1417 two G435 men, G3748 which G2258 were G3475 Moses G2532 and G2243 Elijah:
  31 G3739 Who G3700 appeared G1722 in G1391 glory, G3004 and spoke G1841 of G846 his G1841 decease G3739 which G3195 he should G4137 accomplish G1722 at G2419 Jerusalem.
  32 G1161 But G4074 Peter G2532 and G2258 they that were G4862 with G846 him G916 were heavy G5258 with sleep: G1161 and G1235 when they were awake, G1492 they saw G846 his G1391 glory, G2532 and G435 the G1417 two G435 men G4921 that stood with G846 him.
  33 G2532 And G1096 it came to pass, G1722 as G846 they G1316 departed G575 from G846 him, G4074 Peter G2036 said G4314 to G2424 Jesus, G1988 Master, G2076 it is G2570 good G2248 for us G1511 to be G5602 here: G2532 and G4160 let us make G5140 three G4633 tabernacles; G1520 one G4671 for you, G2532 and G1520 one G3475 for Moses, G2532 and G1520 one G2243 for Elijah: G3361 not G1492 knowing G3739 what G3004 he said.
  34 G1161 While G846 he G5023 thus G3004 spoke, G1096 there came G3507 a cloud, G2532 and G1982 overshadowed G846 them: G1161 and G5399 they feared G1722 as G1565 they G1525 entered G1519 into G3507 the cloud.
  35 G2532 And G1096 there came G5456 a voice G1537 out G3507 of the cloud, G3004 saying, G3778 This G2076 is G3450 my G27 beloved G5207 Son: G191 hear G846 him.
  36 G2532 And G1722 when G5456 the voice G1096 was past, G2424 Jesus G2147 was found G3441 alone. G2532 And G846 they G4601 kept it close, G2532 and G518 told G3762 no man G1722 in G1565 those G2250 days G3762 any G3739 of those things which G3739   G3708 they had seen.
  37 G1161 And G1096 it came to pass, that G1722 on G2250 the G1836 next G2250 day, G2718 when G846 they G2718 had come down G575 from G3735 the hill, G4183 many G3793 people G4876 met G846 him.
  38 G2532 And, G2400 behold, G435 a man G575 in G3793 the crowd G310 cried out, G3004 saying, G1320 Master, G1189 I beg G4675 you, G1914 look G1909 upon G3450 my G5207 son: G3754 for G2076 he is G3427 my G3439 only child.
  39 G2532 And, G2400 behold, G4151 a spirit G2983 takes G846 him, G2532 and G2896 he G1810 suddenly G2896 cries out; G2532 and G4682 it tears G846 him G3326 that G876 he foams again, G2532 and G4937 bruising G846 him G3425 hardly G672 departs G575 from G846 him.
  40 G2532 And G1189 I begged G4675 your G3101 disciples G2443 to G1544 cast G846 him G1544 out; G2532 and G1410 they could G3756 not.
  41 G1161 And G2424 Jesus G611 answering G2036 said, G5599 O G571 faithless G2532 and G1294 perverse G1074 generation, G2193 how G4219 long G2071 shall I be G4314 with G5209 you, G2532 and G430 bear G5216 you? G4317 Bring G4675 your G5207 son G5602 here.
  42 G1161 And as G846 he G4334 was G2089 yet G4334 coming, G1140 the demon G4486 threw G846 him G4486 down, G2532 and G4952 tore G1161 him. And G2424 Jesus G2008 rebuked G4151 the G169 unclean G4151 spirit, G2532 and G2390 healed G3816 the child, G2532 and G591 delivered G846 him G591 again G3962 to G846 his G3962 father.
  43 G1161 And G1605 they were G3956 all G1605 amazed G1909 at G3168 the mighty power G2316 of God. G1161 But G2296 while they wondered G3956 every one G1909 at G3956 all things G3739 which G2424 Jesus G4160 did, G2036 he said G4314 to G846 his G3101 disciples,
  44 G5087 Let G5210   G5128 these G3056 sayings G5087 sink down G1519 into G5216 your G3775 ears: G1063 for G5207 the Son G444 of man G3195 shall G3860 be delivered G1519 into G5495 the hands G444 of men.
  45 G1161 But G50 they understood not G5124 this G4487 saying, G2532 and G2258 it was G3871 hidden G575 from G846 them, G2443 that G143 they perceived G846 it G3361 not: G2532 and G5399 they feared G2065 to ask G846 him G4012 of G5127 that G4487 saying.
  46 G1161 Then G1525 there arose G1261 a reasoning G1722 among G846 them, G5101 which G302   G846 of them G1498 should be G3187 greatest.
  47 G1161 And G2424 Jesus, G1492 perceiving G1261 the thought G2588 of G846 their G2588 heart, G1949 took G3813 a child, G2476 and set G846 him G3844 by G1438 him,
  48 G2532 And G2036 said G846 to them, G3739 Whoever G1437   G1209 shall receive G5124 this G3813 child G1909 in G3450 my G3686 name G1209 receives G1691 me: G2532 and G3739 whoever G1437   G1209 shall receive G1691 me G1209 receives G649 him that sent G3165 me: G1063 for G5225 he that is G3398 least G1722 among G5213 you G3956 all, G3778 the same G2071 shall be G3173 great.
  49 G1161 And G2491 John G611 answered G2036 and said, G1988 Master, G1492 we saw G5100 one G1544 casting out G1140 demons G1909 in G4675 your G3686 name; G2532 and G2967 we forbade G846 him, G3754 because G190 he follows G3756 not G3326 with G2257 us.
  50 G2532 And G2424 Jesus G2036 said G4314 to G846 him, G2967 Forbid G3361 him not: G1063 for G2076 he G3739 that G2076 is G3756 not G2596 against G2257 us G2076 is G5228 for G2257 us.
  51 G1161 And G1096 it came to pass, G1722 when G2250 the time G4845 was come G354 that G846 he G2532 should be received up, G846 he G4741 steadfastly set G846 his G4383 face G4198 to go G1519 to G2419 Jerusalem,
  52 G2532 And G649 sent G32 messengers G4253 before G846 his G4383 face: G2532 and G4198 they went, G1525 and entered G1519 into G2968 a village G4541 of the Samaritans, G5620 to G2090 make ready G846 for him.
  53 G2532 And G1209 they did G3756 not G1209 receive G846 him, G3754 because G846 his G4383 face G2258 was G4198 as though he would go G1519 to G2419 Jerusalem.
  54 G1161 And G1492 when G846 his G3101 disciples G2385 James G2532 and G2491 John G1492 saw G2036 this, they said, G2962 Lord, G2309 will you G2036 that we command G4442 fire G2597 to come down G575 from G3772 heaven, G2532 and G355 consume G846 them, G2532 even G5613 as G2243 Elijah G4160 did?
  55 G1161 But G4762 he turned, G2008 and rebuked G846 them, G2532 and G2036 said, G1492 You know G3756 not G3634 what manner G4151 of spirit G5210 you G2075 are G4151 of.
  56 G1063 For G5207 the Son G444 of man G2064 has G3756 not G2064 come G622 to destroy G444 men's G5590 lives, G235 but G4982 to save G2532 them. And G4198 they went G1519 to G2087 another G2968 village.
  57 G1161 And G1096 it came to pass, that, G4198 as G846 they G4198 went G1722 in G3598 the way, G5100 a certain G2036 man said G4314 to G846 him, G2962 Lord, G190 I will follow G4671 you G3699 wherever G302   G565 you go.
  58 G2532 And G2424 Jesus G2036 said G846 to him, G258 Foxes G2192 have G5454 holes, G2532 and G4071 birds G3772 of the air G2682 have nests; G1161 but G5207 the Son G444 of man G2192 has G3756 not G4226 anywhere G2827 to lay G2776 his head.
  59 G1161 And G2036 he said G4314 to G2087 another, G190 Follow G3427 me. G1161 But G2036 he said, G2962 Lord, G2010 allow G3427 me G4412 first G565 to go G2290 and bury G3450 my G3962 father.
  60 G2424 Jesus G2036 said G846 to him, G863 Let G3498 the dead G2290 bury G1438 their G3498 dead: G1161 but G565 go G4771 you G1229 and preach G932 the kingdom G2316 of God.
  61 G1161 And G2087 another G2532 also G2036 said, G2962 Lord, G190 I will follow G4671 you; G1161 but G2010 let G3427 me G4412 first G2010 go G657 bid G3588 them G657 farewell, G3588 which are G1519 at home G3624 at G3450 my G3624 house.
  62 G1161 And G2424 Jesus G2036 said G4314 to G846 him, G3762 No man, G1911 having put G846 his G5495 hand G1909 to G723 the plow, G2532 and G991 looking G1519   G3694 back, G2076 is G2111 fit G1519 for G932 the kingdom G2316 of God.