Leviticus 22:10-13

  10 H2114 There shall no stranger H398 eat H6944 of the holy thing: H8453 a stranger staying H3548 with the priest, H7916 or a hired servant, H398 shall not eat H6944 of the holy thing.
  11 H3548 But if the priest H7069 buy H5315 any soul H7075 with H3701 his money, H398 he shall eat H3211 of it, and he that is born H1004 in his house: H398 they shall eat H3899 of his food.
  12 H3548 If the priest's H1323 daughter H376 also be married unto a stranger, H398 she may not eat H8641 of an offering H6944 of the holy things.
  13 H3548 But if the priest's H1323 daughter H490 be a widow, H1644 or divorced, H2233 and have no child, H7725 and is returned H1 unto her father's H1004 house, H5271 as in her youth, H398 she shall eat H1 of her father's H3899 food: H2114 but there shall no stranger H398 eat there.