Jonah 1:12-15

  12 H559 And he said H5375 unto them, Take me up, H2904 and cast me forth H3220 into the sea; H3220 so shall the sea H8367 be calm H3045 unto you: for I know H7945 that for my sake H1419 this great H5591 storm is upon you.
  13 H582 Nevertheless the men H2864 rowed hard H7725 to bring H3004 it to the land; H3201 but they could H3220 not: for the sea H1980 done, H5590 and was tempestuous against them.
  14 H7121 Therefore they cried H3068 unto the Lord, H559 and said, H577 We beg you, H3068 O Lord, H6 we beg you, let us not perish H376 for this man's H5315 life, H5414 and lay H5355 not upon us innocent H1818 blood: H3068 for you, O Lord, H6213 have done H2654 as it pleased you.
  15 H5375 So they took up H3124 Jonah, H2904 and cast him forth H3220 into the sea: H3220 and the sea H5975 ceased H2197 from her raging.