1 H1697 The word H3068 of the Lord H3100 that came to Joel H1121 the son H6602 of Pethuel.
  2 H8085 Hear H2205 this, you old men, H238 and give ear, H3427 all you inhabitants H776 of the land. H3117 Has this been in your days, H518 or even H3117 in the days H1 of your fathers?
  3 H5608 Tell H1121 your sons H1121 of it, and let your sons H1121 tell their sons, H1121 and their sons H312 another H1755 generation.
  4 H1501 That which the palmerworm H3499 has left H697 has the locust H398 eaten; H697 and that which the locust H3499 has left H3218 has the cankerworm H398 eaten; H3218 and that which the cankerworm H3499 has left H2625 has the caterpillar H398 eaten.
  5 H6974 Awake, H7910 you drunkards, H1058 and weep; H3213 and howl, H8354 all you drinkers H3196 of wine, H6071 because of the new wine; H3772 for it is cut off H6310 from your mouth.
  6 H1471 For a nation H5927 is come up H776 upon my land, H6099 strong, H4557 and without number, H8127 whose teeth H8127 are the teeth H738 of a lion, H4973 and he has the cheek teeth H3833 of a great lion.
  7 H7760 He has laid H1612 my vine H8047 waste, H7111 and barked H8384 my fig tree: H2834 he has made it clean H2834 bare, H7993 and cast it away; H8299 the branches H3835 there are made white.
  8 H421 Lament H1330 like a virgin H2296 girded H8242 with sackcloth H1167 for the husband H5271 of her youth.
  9 H4503 The food offering H5262 and the drink offering H3772 is cut off H1004 from the house H3068 of the Lord; H3548 the priests, H3068 the Lord's H8334 ministers, H56 mourn.
  10 H7704 The field H7703 is wasted, H127 the land H56 mourns; H1715 for the corn H7703 is wasted: H8492 the new wine H3001 is dried up, H3323 the oil H535 languishes.
  11 H3001 Be you ashamed, H406 O you husbandmen; H3213 howl, H3755 O you vinedressers, H2406 for the wheat H8184 and for the barley; H7105 because the harvest H7704 of the field H6 is perished.
  12 H1612 The vine H3001 is dried up, H8384 and the fig tree H535 languishes; H7416 the pomegranate H8558 tree, the palm tree H8598 also, and the apple tree, H6086 even all the trees H7704 of the field, H3001 are withered: H8342 because joy H3001 is withered away H1121 from the sons H120 of men.
  13 H2296 Clothe H5594 yourselves, and lament, H3548 you priests: H3213 howl, H8334 you ministers H4196 of the altar: H935 come, H3885 lie all night H8242 in sackcloth, H8334 you ministers H430 of my God: H4503 for the food offering H5262 and the drink offering H4513 is withheld H1004 from the house H430 of your God.
  14 H6942 Sanctify H6685 a fast, H7121 call H6116 a solemn assembly, H622 gather H2205 the elders H3427 and all the inhabitants H776 of the land H1004 into the house H3068 of the Lord H430 your God, H2199 and cry H3068 unto the Lord,
  15 H162 Alas H3117 for the day! H3117 for the day H3068 of the Lord H7138 is at hand, H7701 and as a destruction H7706 from the Almighty H935 shall it come.
  16 H400 Is not the food H3772 cut off H5869 before our eyes, H8057 Yes, joy H1524 and gladness H1004 from the house H430 of our God?
  17 H6507 The seed H5685 is rotten H4053 under their clods, H214 the garners H8074 are laid desolate, H4460 the barns H2040 are broken down; H1715 for the corn H3001 is withered.
  18 H929 How do the animals H584 groan! H5739 the herds H1241 of cattle H943 are perplexed, H4829 because they have no pasture; H5739 Yes, the flocks H6629 of sheep H816 are made desolate.
  19 H3068 O Lord, H7121 to you will I cry: H784 for the fire H398 has devoured H4999 the pastures H4057 of the wilderness, H3852 and the flame H3857 has burned H6086 all the trees H7704 of the field.
  20 H929 The animals H7704 of the field H6165 cry H650 also unto you: for the rivers H4325 of waters H3001 are dried up, H784 and the fire H398 has devoured H4999 the pastures H4057 of the wilderness.