Jeremiah 48

  1 H4124 Against Moab H559 thus says H3068 the Lord H6635 of hosts, H430 the God H3478 of Israel; H1945 Woe H5015 unto Nebo! H7703 for it is spoiled: H7156 Kiriathaim H3001 is confounded H3920 and taken: H4869 Misgab H3001 is confounded H2865 and dismayed.
  2 H8416 There shall be no more praise H4124 of Moab: H2809 in Heshbon H2803 they have devised H7451 evil H3212 against it; come, H3772 and let us cut it off H1471 from being a nation. H1826 Also you shall be cut down, H4086 O Madmen; H2719 the sword H3212 shall pursue H310 you.
  3 H6963 A voice H6818 of crying H2773 shall be from Horonaim, H7701 spoiling H1419 and great H7667 destruction.
  4 H4124 Moab H7665 is destroyed; H6810 her little ones H2201 have caused a cry H8085 to be heard.
  5 H4608 For in the going up H3872 of Luhith H1065 continual H1065 weeping H5927 shall go up; H4174 for in the going down H2773 of Horonaim H6862 the enemies H8085 have heard H6818 a cry H7667 of destruction.
  6 H5127 Flee, H4422 save H5315 your lives, H1961 and be H6176 like the heath H4057 in the wilderness.
  7 H982 For because you have trusted H4639 in your works H214 and in your treasures, H3920 you shall also be taken: H3645 and Chemosh H3318 shall go forth H1473 into captivity H3548 with his priests H8269 and his princes H3162 together.
  8 H7703 And the spoiler H935 shall come H5892 upon every city, H5892 and no city H4422 shall escape: H6010 the valley H6 also shall perish, H4334 and the plain H8045 shall be destroyed, H3068 as the Lord H559 has spoken.
  9 H5414 Give H6731 wings H4124 unto Moab, H5323 that it may flee H3318 and get away: H5892 for the cities H8047 there shall be desolate, H3427 without any to live H2004 in it.
  10 H779 Cursed H6213 be he that does H4399 the work H3068 of the Lord H7423 deceitfully, H779 and cursed H4513 be he that keeps back H2719 his sword H1818 from blood.
  11 H4124 Moab H7599 has been at ease H5271 from his youth, H8252 and he has settled H8105 on his lees, H7324 and has not been emptied H3627 from vessel H3627 to vessel, H1980 neither has he gone H1473 into captivity: H2940 therefore his taste H5975 remained H7381 in him, and his scent H4171 is not changed.
  12 H3117 Therefore, behold, the days H935 come, H5002 says H3068 the Lord, H7971 that I will send H6808 unto him wanderers, H6808 that shall cause him to wander, H7324 and shall empty H3627 his vessels, H5310 and break H5035 their bottles.
  13 H4124 And Moab H954 shall be ashamed H3645 of Chemosh, H1004 as the house H3478 of Israel H954 was ashamed H1008 of Beth–el H4009 their confidence.
  14 H559 How say H1368 you, We are mighty H2428 and strong H582 men H4421 for the war?
  15 H4124 Moab H7703 is spoiled, H5927 and gone up H5892 out of her cities, H4005 and his chosen H970 young men H3381 are gone down H2874 to the slaughter, H5002 says H4428 the King, H8034 whose name H3068 is the Lord H6635 of hosts.
  16 H343 The calamity H4124 of Moab H7138 is near H935 to come, H7451 and his affliction H4116 hastens H3966 fast.
  17 H5439 All you that are about H5110 him, bemoan H3045 him; and all you that know H8034 his name, H559 say, H5797 How is the strong H4294 staff H7665 broken, H8597 and the beautiful H4731 rod!
  18 H1323 You daughter H3427 that do inhabit H1769 Dibon, H3381 come down H3519 from your glory, H3427 and sit H6772 in thirst; H7703 for the spoiler H4124 of Moab H5927 shall come H7843 upon you, and he shall destroy H4013 your strong holds.
  19 H3427 O inhabitant H6177 of Aroer, H5975 stand H1870 by the way, H6822 and spy; H7592 ask H5127 him that flees, H4422 and her that escapes, H559 and say, H1961 What is done?
  20 H4124 Moab H3001 is confounded; H2865 for it is broken down: H3213 howl H2199 and cry; H5046 tell H769 it in Arnon, H4124 that Moab H7703 is spoiled,
  21 H4941 And judgment H935 is come H4334 upon the plain H776 country; H2473 upon Holon, H3096 and upon Jahazah, H4158 and upon Mephaath,
  22 H1769 And upon Dibon, H5015 and upon Nebo, H1015 and upon Beth–diblathaim,
  23 H7156 And upon Kiriathaim, H1014 and upon Beth–gamul, H1010 and upon Beth–meon,
  24 H7152 And upon Kerioth, H1224 and upon Bozrah, H5892 and upon all the cities H776 of the land H4124 of Moab, H7350 far H7138 or near.
  25 H7161 The horn H4124 of Moab H1438 is cut off, H2220 and his arm H7665 is broken, H5002 says H3068 the Lord.
  26 H7937 Make him drunken: H1431 for he magnified H3068 himself against the Lord: H4124 Moab H5606 also shall wallow H6892 in his vomit, H7814 and he also shall be in derision.
  27 H3478 For was not Israel H7814 a derision H4672 unto you? was he found H1590 among thieves? H1767 for since H1697 you spoke H5110 of him, you skipped for joy.
  28 H3427 O you that live H4124 in Moab, H5800 leave H5892 the cities, H7931 and live H5553 in the rock, H3123 and be like the dove H7077 that makes her nest H5676 in the sides H6354 of the hole's H6310 mouth.
  29 H8085 We have heard H1347 the pride H4124 of Moab, H3966 (he is exceedingly H1343 proud) H1363 his loftiness, H1346 and his arrogance, H1347 and his pride, H7312 and the haughtiness H3820 of his heart.
  30 H3045 I know H5678 his wrath, H5002 says H3068 the Lord; H907 but it shall not be so; his lies H6213 shall not so effect it.
  31 H3213 Therefore will I howl H4124 for Moab, H2199 and I will cry out H4124 for all Moab; H1897 my heart shall mourn H582 for the men H7025 of Kir–heres.
  32 H1612 O vine H7643 of Sibmah, H1058 I will weep H1065 for you with the weeping H3270 of Jazer: H5189 your plants H5674 are gone over H3220 the sea, H5060 they reach H3220 even to the sea H3270 of Jazer: H7703 the spoiler H5307 is fallen H7019 upon your summer fruits H1210 and upon your vintage.
  33 H8057 And joy H1524 and gladness H622 is taken H3759 from the plentiful field, H776 and from the land H4124 of Moab; H3196 and I have caused wine H7673 to fail H3342 from the winepresses: H1869 none shall tread H1959 with shouting; H1959 their shouting H1959 shall be no shouting.
  34 H2201 From the cry H2809 of Heshbon H500 even unto Elealeh, H3096 and even unto Jahaz, H5414 have they uttered H6963 their voice, H6820 from Zoar H2773 even unto Horonaim, H5697 as a heifer H7992 of three years old: H4325 for the waters H5249 also of Nimrim H4923 shall be desolate.
  35 H7673 Moreover I will cause to cease H4124 in Moab, H5002 says H3068 the Lord, H5927 him that offers H1116 in the high places, H6999 and him that burns incense H430 to his gods.
  36 H3820 Therefore my heart H1993 shall sound H4124 for Moab H2485 like pipes, H3820 and my heart H1993 shall sound H2485 like pipes H582 for the men H7025 of Kir–heres: H3502 because the riches H6213 that he has gotten H6 are perished.
  37 H7218 For every head H7144 shall be bald, H2206 and every beard H1639 clipped: H3027 upon all the hands H1417 shall be cuttings, H4975 and upon the body H8242 sackcloth.
  38 H4553 There shall be lamentation H1406 generally upon all the housetops H4124 of Moab, H7339 and in the streets H7665 there: for I have broken H4124 Moab H3627 like a vessel H2656 where is no pleasure, H5002 says H3068 the Lord.
  39 H3213 They shall howl, H2865 saying, How is it broken down! H4124 how has Moab H6437 turned H6203 the back H954 with shame! H4124 so shall Moab H7814 be a derision H4288 and a dismaying H5439 to all them about him.
  40 H559 For thus says H3068 the Lord; H1675 Behold, he shall fly H5404 as a eagle, H6566 and shall spread H3671 his wings H4124 over Moab.
  41 H7152 Kerioth H3920 is taken, H4679 and the strong holds H8610 are surprised, H1368 and the mighty men's H3820 hearts H4124 in Moab H3117 at that day H3820 shall be as the heart H802 of a woman H6887 in her pangs.
  42 H4124 And Moab H8045 shall be destroyed H5971 from being a people, H1431 because he has magnified H3068 himself against the Lord.
  43 H6343 Fear, H6354 and the pit, H6341 and the snare, H3427 shall be upon you, O inhabitant H4124 of Moab, H5002 says H3068 the Lord.
  44 H5127 He that flees H6440 from H6343 the fear H5307 shall fall H6354 into the pit; H5927 and he that gets up H6354 out of the pit H3920 shall be taken H6341 in the snare: H935 for I will bring H4124 upon it, even upon Moab, H8141 the year H6486 of their visitation, H5002 says H3068 the Lord.
  45 H5127 They that fled H5975 stood H6738 under the shadow H2809 of Heshbon H3581 because of the force: H784 but a fire H3318 shall come forth H2809 out of Heshbon, H3852 and a flame H996 from the midst H5511 of Sihon, H398 and shall devour H6285 the corner H4124 of Moab, H6936 and the crown of the head H7588 of the tumultuous H1121 ones.
  46 H188 Woe H4124 be unto you, O Moab! H5971 the people H3645 of Chemosh H6 perishes: H1121 for your sons H3947 are taken H7628 captives, H1323 and your daughters H7633 captives.
  47 H7725 Yet will I bring again H7622 the captivity H4124 of Moab H319 in the latter H3117 days, H5002 says H3068 the Lord. H2008 Thus far H4941 is the judgment H4124 of Moab.