Isaiah 7:1-9

  1 H3117 And it came to pass in the days H271 of Ahaz H1121 the son H3147 of Jotham, H1121 the son H5818 of Uzziah, H4428 king H3063 of Judah, H7526 that Rezin H4428 the king H758 of Syria, H6492 and Pekah H1121 the son H7425 of Remaliah, H4428 king H3478 of Israel, H5927 went up H3389 toward Jerusalem H4421 to war H3201 against it, but could H3898 not prevail against it.
  2 H5046 And it was told H1004 the house H1732 of David, H559 saying, H758 Syria H5117 is allied H669 with Ephraim. H3824 And his heart H5128 was moved, H3824 and the heart H5971 of his people, H6086 as the trees H3293 of the wood H5128 are moved H6440 with H7307 the wind.
  3 H559 Then said H3068 the Lord H3470 unto Isaiah, H3318 Go forth H7125 now to meet H271 Ahaz, H7610 you, and Shear–jashub H1121 your son, H7097 at the end H8585 of the conduit H5945 of the upper H1295 pool H4546 in the highway H3526 of the fuller's H7704 field;
  4 H559 And say H8104 unto him, Take care, H8252 and be quiet; H3372 fear H7401 not, neither be fainthearted H8147 for the two H2180 tails H6226 of these smoking H181 firebrands, H2750 for the fierce H639 anger H7526 of Rezin H758 with Syria, H1121 and of the son H7425 of Remaliah.
  5 H758 Because Syria, H669 Ephraim, H1121 and the son H7425 of Remaliah, H7451 have taken evil H3289 counsel H559 against you, saying,
  6 H5927 Let us go up H3063 against Judah, H6973 and trouble H1234 it, and let us make a breach H4427 in it for us, and set H4428 a king H8432 in the midst H1121 of it, even the son H2870 of Tabeal:
  7 H3541 Thus H559 says H136 the Lord H3069 God, H6965 It shall not stand, neither shall it come to pass.
  8 H7218 For the head H758 of Syria H1834 is Damascus, H7218 and the head H1834 of Damascus H7526 is Rezin; H8346 and inside sixty H2568 and five H8141 years H669 shall Ephraim H2865 be broken, H5971 that it be not a people.
  9 H7218 And the head H669 of Ephraim H8111 is Samaria, H7218 and the head H8111 of Samaria H7425 is Remaliah's H1121 son. H539 If you will not believe, H539 surely you shall not be established.