Isaiah 60:1-5

  1 H6965 Arise, H215 shine; H216 for your light H935 is come, H3519 and the glory H3068 of the Lord H2224 is risen upon you.
  2 H2822 For, behold, the darkness H3680 shall cover H776 the earth, H6205 and gross darkness H3816 the people: H3068 but the Lord H2224 shall arise H3519 upon you, and his glory H7200 shall be seen upon you.
  3 H1471 And the Nations H1980 shall come H216 to your light, H4428 and kings H5051 to the brightness H2225 of your rising.
  4 H5375 Lift up H5869 your eyes H5439 round about, H7200 and see: H6908 all they gather themselves together, H935 they come H1121 to you: your sons H935 shall come H7350 from far, H1323 and your daughters H539 shall be nursed H6654 at your side.
  5 H7200 Then you shall see, H5102 and flow together, H3824 and your heart H6342 shall fear, H7337 and be enlarged; H1995 because the abundance H3220 of the sea H2015 shall be converted H2428 unto you, the forces H1471 of the Nations H935 shall come unto you.