Isaiah 54:1-5

  1 H7442 Sing, H6135 O childless, H3205 you that did not carry; H6476 break forth H7440 into singing, H6670 and cry aloud, H2342 you that did not labor with child: H7227 for more H1121 are the sons H8074 of the desolate H1121 than the sons H1166 of the married wife, H559 says H3068 the Lord.
  2 H7337 Enlarge H4725 the place H168 of your tent, H5186 and let them stretch forth H3407 the curtains H4908 of your habitations: H2820 spare H748 not, lengthen H4340 your cords, H2388 and strengthen H3489 your stakes;
  3 H6555 For you shall break forth H3225 on the right hand H8040 and on the left; H2233 and your seed H3423 shall inherit H1471 the Nations, H8074 and make the desolate H5892 cities H3427 to be inhabited.
  4 H3372 Fear H954 not; for you shall not be ashamed: H3637 neither be you confounded; H2659 for you shall not be put to shame: H7911 for you shall forget H1322 the shame H5934 of your youth, H2142 and shall not remember H2781 the reproach H491 of your widowhood any more.
  5 H6213 For your Maker H1166 is your husband; H3068 the Lord H6635 of hosts H8034 is his name; H1350 and your Redeemer H6918 the Holy One H3478 of Israel; H430 The God H776 of the whole earth H7121 shall he be called.