Isaiah 35:3-6

  3 H2388 Strengthen H7504 you the weak H3027 hands, H553 and confirm H3782 the feeble H1290 knees.
  4 H559 Say H4116 to them that are of a fearful H3820 heart, H2388 Be strong, H3372 fear H430 not: behold, your God H935 will come H5359 with vengeance, H430 even God H1576 with a recompence; H935 he will come H3467 and save you.
  5 H5869 Then the eyes H5787 of the blind H6491 shall be opened, H241 and the ears H2795 of the deaf H6605 shall be unstopped.
  6 H6455 Then shall the lame H1801 man leap H354 as a hart, H3956 and the tongue H483 of the mute H7442 sing: H4057 for in the wilderness H4325 shall waters H1234 break out, H5158 and streams H6160 in the desert.