Isaiah 32

  1 H4428 Behold, a king H4427 shall reign H6664 in righteousness, H8269 and princes H8323 shall rule H4941 in judgment.
  2 H376 And a man H4224 shall be as a hiding place H7307 from the wind, H5643 and a covert H2230 from the storm; H6388 as rivers H4325 of water H6724 in a dry place, H6738 as the shadow H3515 of a great H5553 rock H5889 in a weary H776 land.
  3 H5869 And the eyes H7200 of them that see H8159 shall not be dim, H241 and the ears H8085 of them that hear H7181 shall listen.
  4 H3824 The heart H4116 also of the rash H995 shall understand H1847 knowledge, H3956 and the tongue H5926 of the stammerers H4116 shall be ready H1696 to speak H6703 plainly.
  5 H5036 The vile person H7121 shall be no more called H5081 noble, H3596 nor the churl H559 said H7771 to be bountiful.
  6 H5036 For the vile person H1696 will speak H5039 villany, H3820 and his heart H6213 will work H205 iniquity, H6213 to practise H2612 hypocrisy, H1696 and to utter H8442 error H3068 against the Lord, H7324 to make empty H5315 the soul H7457 of the hungry, H4945 and he will cause the drink H6771 of the thirsty H2637 to fail.
  7 H3627 The instruments H3596 also of the churl H7451 are evil: H3289 he devises H2154 wicked devices H2254 to destroy H6041 the poor H8267 with lying H561 words, H34 even when the needy H1696 speaks H4941 right.
  8 H5081 But the noble H3289 devises H5081 noble things; H5081 and by noble things H6965 shall he stand.
  9 H6965 Rise up, H802 you women H7600 that are at ease; H8085 hear H6963 my voice, H982 you careless H1323 daughters; H238 give ear H565 unto my speech.
  10 H3117 Many days H8141 and years H7264 shall you be troubled, H982 you careless women: H1210 for the vintage H3615 shall fail, H625 the gathering H935 shall not come.
  11 H2729 Tremble, H7600 you women that are at ease; H7264 be troubled, H982 you careless ones: H6584 strip H6209 you, and make you bore, H2290 and clothe H2504 sackcloth upon your body.
  12 H5594 They shall beat H7699 the breasts, H2531 for the pleasant H7704 fields, H6509 for the fruitful H1612 vine.
  13 H127 Upon the land H5971 of my people H5927 shall come up H6975 thorns H8068 and briars; H1004 Yes, upon all the houses H4885 of joy H5947 in the joyous H7151 city:
  14 H759 Because the palaces H5203 shall be forsaken; H1995 the multitude H5892 of the city H5800 shall be left; H6076 the forts H975 and towers H4631 shall be for dens H5704 for H5769 ever, H4885 a joy H6501 of wild donkeys, H4829 a pasture H5739 of flocks;
  15 H7307 Until the spirit H6168 be poured H4791 upon us from on high, H4057 and the wilderness H3759 be a fruitful field, H3759 and the fruitful field H2803 be counted H3293 for a forest.
  16 H4941 Then judgment H7931 shall live H4057 in the wilderness, H6666 and righteousness H3427 remain H3759 in the fruitful field.
  17 H4639 And the work H6666 of righteousness H7965 shall be peace; H5656 and the effect H6666 of righteousness H8252 quietness H983 and assurance H5704 for H5769 ever.
  18 H5971 And my people H3427 shall live H7965 in a peaceable H5116 habitation, H4009 and in sure H4908 dwellings, H7600 and in quiet H4496 resting places;
  19 H1258 When it shall hail, H3381 coming down H3293 on the forest; H5892 and the city H8213 shall be low H8218 in a low place.
  20 H835 Blessed H2232 are you that sow H4325 beside all waters, H7971 that send forth H7272 there the feet H7794 of the ox H2543 and the donkey.