Isaiah 30

  1 H1945 Woe H5637 to the rebellious H1121 sons, H5002 says H3068 the Lord, H6213 that take H6098 counsel, H5258 but not of me; and that cover H4541 with a covering, H7307 but not of my spirit, H5595 that they may add H2403 sin H2403 to sin:
  2 H1980 That walk H3381 to go down H4714 into Egypt, H7592 and have not asked H6310 at my mouth; H5810 to strengthen H4581 themselves in the strength H6547 of Pharaoh, H2620 and to trust H6738 in the shadow H4714 of Egypt!
  3 H4581 Therefore shall the strength H6547 of Pharaoh H1322 be your shame, H2622 and the trust H6738 in the shadow H4714 of Egypt H3639 your confusion.
  4 H8269 For his princes H6814 were at Zoan, H4397 and his ambassadors H5060 came H2609 to Hanes.
  5 H3001 They were all ashamed H5971 of a people H3276 that could not profit H5828 them, nor be a help H3276 nor profit, H1322 but a shame, H2781 and also a reproach.
  6 H4853 The burden H929 of the animals H5045 of the south: H776 into the land H6869 of trouble H6695 and anguish, H3833 from from where come the young H3918 and old lion, H660 the viper H8314 and fiery H5774 flying H8314 serpent, H5375 they will carry H2428 their riches H3802 upon the shoulders H5895 of young donkeys, H214 and their treasures H1707 upon the bunches H1581 of camels, H5971 to a people H3276 that shall not profit them.
  7 H4714 For the Egyptians H5826 shall help H1892 in vain, H7385 and to no purpose: H7121 therefore have I cried H2063 concerning this, H1992 Their H7293 strength H7674 is to sit still.
  8 H935 Now go, H3789 write H3871 it before them in a table, H2710 and note H5612 it in a book, H3117 that it may be for the time H314 to come H5704 for H5703 ever H5769 and ever:
  9 H4805 That this is a rebellious H5971 people, H3586 lying H1121 sons, H1121 sons H14 that will H8085 not hear H8451 the law H3068 of the Lord:
  10 H559 Which say H7200 to the seers, H7200 See H2374 not; and to the prophets, H2372 Prophesy H5229 not unto us right things, H1696 speak H2513 unto us smooth things, H2372 prophesy H4123 deceits:
  11 H5493 Get you out H1870 of the way, H5186 turn aside H734 out of the path, H6918 cause the Holy One H3478 of Israel H7673 to cease H6440 from before us.
  12 H559 Therefore thus says H6918 the Holy One H3478 of Israel, H3988 Because you despise H1697 this word, H982 and trust H6233 in oppression H3868 and perverseness, H8172 and stay in it:
  13 H5771 Therefore this iniquity H6556 shall be to you as a breach H5307 ready to fall, H1158 swelling out H7682 in a high H2346 wall, H7667 whose breaking H935 comes H6597 suddenly H6621 at a instant.
  14 H7665 And he shall break H7667 it as the breaking H3335 of the potters' H5035 vessel H3807 that is broken in pieces; H2550 he shall not spare: H4672 so that there shall not be found H4386 in the bursting H2789 of it a shard H2846 to take H784 fire H3344 from the hearth, H2834 or to take H4325 water H1360 with out of the pit.
  15 H559 For thus says H136 the Lord H3069 God, H6918 the Holy One H3478 of Israel; H7729 In returning H5183 and rest H3467 shall you be saved; H8252 in quietness H985 and in confidence H1369 shall be your strength: H14 and you would not.
  16 H559 But you said, H5127 No; for we will flee H5483 upon horses; H5127 therefore shall you flee: H7392 and, We will ride H7031 upon the swift; H7291 therefore shall they that pursue H7043 you be swift.
  17 H259 One H505 thousand H6440 shall flee at H1606 the rebuke H259 of one; H6440 at H1606 the rebuke H2568 of five H5127 shall you flee: H3498 until you be left H8650 as a beacon H7218 upon the top H2022 of a mountain, H5251 and as a ensign H1389 on a hill.
  18 H3068 And therefore will the Lord H2442 wait, H2603 that he may be gracious H7311 unto you, and therefore will he be exalted, H7355 that he may have mercy H3068 upon you: for the Lord H430 is a God H4941 of judgment: H835 blessed H2442 are all they that wait for him.
  19 H5971 For the people H3427 shall live H6726 in Zion H3389 at Jerusalem: H1058 you shall weep H1058 no more: H2603 he will be very H2603 gracious H6963 unto you at the voice H2199 of your cry; H8085 when he shall hear H6030 it, he will answer you.
  20 H136 And though the Lord H5414 give H3899 you the bread H6862 of adversity, H4325 and the water H3906 of affliction, H3384 yet shall not your teachers H3670 be removed into a corner H5869 any more, but your eyes H7200 shall see H3384 your teachers:
  21 H241 And your ears H8085 shall hear H1697 a word H310 behind H559 you, saying, H1870 This is the way, H3212 walk you in it, H541 when you turn to the right hand, H8041 and when you turn to the left.
  22 H2930 You shall defile H6826 also the covering H6456 of your engraved images H3701 of silver, H642 and the ornament H4541 of your molten images H2091 of gold: H2219 you shall cast them away H1739 as a menstruous cloth; H559 you shall say H3318 unto it, Go away.
  23 H5414 Then shall he give H4306 the rain H2233 for your seed, H2232 that you shall sow H127 the ground H3899 with; and bread H8393 of the increase H127 of the earth, H1879 and it shall be fat H8082 and plentiful: H3117 in that day H4735 shall your cattle H7462 feed H7337 in large H3733 pastures.
  24 H504 The oxen H5895 likewise and the young donkeys H5647 that plow H127 the ground H398 shall eat H2548 clean H1098 food, H2219 which has been winnowed H7371 with the shovel H4214 and with the fork.
  25 H1364 And there shall be upon every high H2022 mountain, H5375 and upon every high H1389 hill, H6388 rivers H2988 and streams H4325 of waters H3117 in the day H7227 of the great H2027 slaughter, H4026 when the towers H5307 fall.
  26 H216 Moreover the light H3842 of the moon H216 shall be as the light H2535 of the sun, H216 and the light H2535 of the sun H7659 shall be sevenfold, H216 as the light H7651 of seven H3117 days, H3117 in the day H3068 that the Lord H2280 binds up H7667 the breach H5971 of his people, H7495 and heals H4273 the stroke H4347 of their wound.
  27 H8034 Behold, the name H3068 of the Lord H935 comes H4801 from far, H1197 burning H639 with his anger, H4858 and the burden H3514 there is heavy: H8193 his lips H4390 are full H2195 of indignation, H3956 and his tongue H398 as a devouring H784 fire:
  28 H7307 And his breath, H7857 as a overflowing H5158 stream, H2673 shall reach to the midst H6677 of the neck, H5130 to sift H1471 the nations H5299 with the sieve H7723 of vanity: H7448 and there shall be a bridle H3895 in the jaws H5971 of the people, H8582 causing them to err.
  29 H7892 You shall have a song, H3915 as in the night H6942 when a holy H2282 feast H6942 is kept; H8057 and gladness H3824 of heart, H1980 as when one goes H2485 with a flute H935 to come H2022 into the mountain H3068 of the Lord, H6697 to the mighty One H3478 of Israel.
  30 H3068 And the Lord H1935 shall cause his glorious H6963 voice H8085 to be heard, H7200 and shall show H5183 the lighting down H2220 of his arm, H2197 with the indignation H639 of his anger, H3851 and with the flame H398 of a devouring H784 fire, H5311 with scattering, H2230 and storm, H68 and hailstones.
  31 H6963 For through the voice H3068 of the Lord H804 shall the Assyrian H2865 be beaten down, H5221 struck H7626 with a rod.
  32 H3605 And in every place H4145 where the grounded H4294 staff H4569 shall pass, H3068 which the Lord H5117 shall lay H8596 upon him, it shall be with tabrets H3658 and harps: H4421 and in battles H8573 of shaking H3898 will he fight with it.
  33 H8613 For Tophet H6186 is ordained H865 of old; H4428 Yes, for the king H3559 it is prepared; H6009 he has made it deep H7337 and large: H4071 the pile H784 there is fire H7235 and much H6086 wood; H5397 the breath H3068 of the Lord, H5158 like a stream H1614 of brimstone, H1197 does kindle it.