Isaiah 28:23-26

  23 H238 Give you ear, H8085 and hear H6963 my voice; H7181 listen, H8085 and hear H565 my speech.
  24 H2790 Does the plowman H2790 plow H3117 continually H2232 to sow? H6605 does he continually open H7702 and break the clods H127 of his ground?
  25 H7737 When he has made plain H6440 the face H6327 there, does he not cast abroad H7100 the fitches, H2236 and scatter H3646 the cummin, H7760 and cast H7795 in the principal H2406 wheat H5567 and the appointed H8184 barley H3698 and the rie H1367 in their place?
  26 H430 For his God H3256 does instruct H4941 him to discretion, H3384 and does teach him.