Isaiah 24:17-20

  17 H6343 Fear, H6354 and the pit, H6341 and the snare, H3427 are upon you, O inhabitant H776 of the earth.
  18 H5127 And it shall come to pass, that he who flees H6963 from the noise H6343 of the fear H5307 shall fall H6354 into the pit; H5927 and he that comes up H8432 out of the midst H6354 of the pit H3920 shall be taken H6341 in the snare: H699 for the windows H4791 from on high H6605 are open, H4146 and the foundations H776 of the earth H7493 do shake.
  19 H776 The earth H7489 is utterly H7489 broken down, H776 the earth H6565 is clean H6565 dissolved, H776 the earth H4131 is moved H4131 exceedingly.
  20 H776 The earth H5128 shall reel H5128 to and forth H7910 like a drunkard, H5110 and shall be removed H4412 like a cottage; H6588 and the transgression H3513 there shall be heavy H5307 upon it; and it shall fall, H6965 and not rise H3254 again.