Hosea 6

  1 H3212 Come, H7725 and let us return H3068 unto the Lord: H2963 for he has torn, H7495 and he will heal H5221 us; he has struck, H2280 and he will bind us up.
  2 H3117 After two days H2421 will he revive H7992 us: in the third H3117 day H6965 he will raise us up, H2421 and we shall live H6440 in his sight.
  3 H3045 Then shall we know, H7291 if we follow H3045 on to know H3068 the Lord: H4161 his going forth H3559 is prepared H7837 as the morning; H935 and he shall come H1653 unto us as the rain, H4456 as the latter H3384 and former rain H776 unto the earth.
  4 H669 O Ephraim, H6213 what shall I do H3063 unto you? O Judah, H6213 what shall I do H2617 unto you? for your goodness H1242 is as a morning H6051 cloud, H7925 and as the early H2919 dew H1980 it goes away.
  5 H2672 Therefore have I hewed H5030 them by the prophets; H2026 I have slain H561 them by the words H6310 of my mouth: H4941 and your judgments H216 are as the light H3318 that goes forth.
  6 H2654 For I desired H2617 mercy, H2077 and not sacrifice; H1847 and the knowledge H430 of God H5930 more than burnt offerings.
  7 H120 But they like men H5674 have transgressed H1285 the covenant: H898 there have they dealt treacherously against me.
  8 H1568 Gilead H7151 is a city H6466 of them that work H205 iniquity, H6121 and is polluted H1818 with blood.
  9 H1416 And as troops H2442 of robbers wait H376 for a man, H2267 so the company H3548 of priests H7523 murder H1870 in the way H7926 by consent: H6213 for they commit H2154 lewdness.
  10 H7200 I have seen H8186 a horrible thing H1004 in the house H3478 of Israel: H2184 there is the whoredom H669 of Ephraim, H3478 Israel H2930 is defiled.
  11 H3063 Also, O Judah, H7896 he has set H7105 a harvest H7725 for you, when I returned H7622 the captivity H5971 of my people.