Hebrews 7

  1 G1063 For G3778 this G3198 Melchizedek, G935 king G4532 of Salem, G2409 priest G5310 of the most high G2316 God, G3588 who G4876 met G11 Abraham G5290 returning G575 from G2871 the slaughter G935 of the kings, G2532 and G2127 blessed G846 him;
  2 G3739 To whom G2532 also G11 Abraham G3307 gave G1181 a tenth part G575 of G3956 all; G4412 first G3303   G2059 being by interpretation G935 King G1343 of righteousness, G1161 and G1899 after that G2532 also G935 King G4532 of Salem, G3603 which is, G935 King G1515 of peace;
  3 G540 Without father, G282 without mother, G35 without descent, G2192 having G3383 neither G746 beginning G2250 of days, G3383 nor G5056 end G2222 of life; G1161 but G871 made like G5207 unto the Son G2316 of God; G3306 remains G2409 a priest G1519   G1336 continually.
  4 G1161 Now G2334 consider G4080 how great G3778 this man G3739 was, unto whom G2532 even G3966 the patriarch G11 Abraham G1325 gave G1181 the tenth G1537 of G2334 the spoils.
  5 G2532 And G3303 truly G2983 they that are G1537 of G5207 the sons G3017 of Levi, G2983 who receive G2405 the office of the priesthood, G2192 have G1785 a commandment G586 to take tithes of G2992 the people G2596 according to G3551 the law, G5124 that G2076 is, G80 of G846 their G80 brothers, G2539 though G1831 they come out G1537 of G3751 the body G11 of Abraham:
  6 G1161 But G1075 he whose descent is G3361 not G1075 counted G1537 from G846 them G1183 received tithes G11 of Abraham, G2532 and G2127 blessed G2192 him that had G1860 the promises.
  7 G1161 And G5565 without G3956 all G485 contradiction G1640 the lesser G2127 is blessed G5259 by G2909 the greater.
  8 G2532 And G3303   G5602 here G444 men G599 that die G2983 receive G1181 tithes; G1161 but G1563 there G3140 he G3140 receives them, of whom it is witnessed G3754 that G2198 he lives.
  9 G2532 And G5613 as G2031 I may so say, G3017 Levi G2532 also, G2983 who receives G1181 tithes, G1183 payed tithes G1223 in G11 Abraham.
  10 G1063 For G2258 he was G2089 yet G1722 in G3751 the body G3962 of his father, G3753 when G3198 Melchizedek G4876 met G846 him.
  11 G1487 If G3303 therefore G3767   G5050 perfection G2258 were G1223 by G3020 the Levitical G2420 priesthood, G1063 (for G1909 under G846 it G2992 the people G3549 received the law,) G5101 what G2089 further G5532 need G450 was there that G2087 another G2409 priest G450 should rise G2596 after G5010 the order G3198 of Melchizedek, G2532 and G3756 not G3004 be called G2596 after G5010 the order G2 of Aaron?
  12 G1063 For G2420 the priesthood G3346 being changed, G1096 there is made G1537 of G318 necessity G3331 a change G2532 also G3551 of the law.
  13 G1063 For G3348 he G1909 of G3739 whom G5023 these things G3004 are spoken G3348 pertains G5443 to G2087 another G5443 tribe, G575 of G3739 which G3762 no man G4337 gave attendance G2379 at the altar.
  14 G1063 For G4271 it is evident G3754 that G2257 our G2962 Lord G393 sprang G1537 out of G2448 Judah; G1519 of G3739 which G5443 tribe G3475 Moses G2980 spoke G3762 nothing G4012 concerning G2420 priesthood.
  15 G2532 And G2076 it is G2089 yet G4054 far more G2612 evident: G1487 for that G2596 after G3665 the likeness G3198 of Melchizedek G450 there arises G2087 another G2409 priest,
  16 G3739 Who G1096 is made, G3756 not G2596 after G3551 the law G1785 of a G4559 carnal G1785 commandment, G235 but G2596 after G1411 the power G2222 of an G179 endless G2222 life.
  17 G1063 For G3754 he testifies, G4771 You G2409 are a priest G1519 for G165 ever G2596 after G5010 the order G3198 of Melchizedek.
  18 G1063 For G1096 there is G3303 truly G115 a putting away G4254 of the previous G1785 commandment G1223 because G772 of its weakness G2532 and G512 useleness. G846  
  19 G1063 For G3551 the law G5048 made G3762 nothing G5048 perfect, G1161 but G1898 the bringing in G1680 of a G2909 better G1680 hope G1223 did; by G3739 which G1448 we draw near G2316 to God.
  20 G2532 And G2596 inasmuch G3745 as G3756 not G5565 without G3728 an oath he was made priest:
  21 G1063 (For G3303   G2409 those priests G1526 were G1096 made G5565 without G3728 an oath; G1161 but G3588 this G3326 with G3728 an oath G1223 by G3004 him that said G4314 to G846 him, G2962 The Lord G3660 swore G2532 and G3338 will G3756 not G3338 repent, G4771 You G2409 are a priest G1519 for G165 ever G2596 after G5010 the order G3198 of Melchizedek:)
  22 G2596 By G5118 so much G1096 was G2424 Jesus G1096 made G1450 the surety G1242 of a G2909 better G1242 testament.
  23 G2532 And G1526 they G3303 truly G1526 were G1096   G4119 many G2409 priests, G1223 because G2967 they were not allowed G3887 to continue G2288 by reason of death:
  24 G1161 But G3588 this G1223 man, because G846 he G3306 continues G1519   G165 forever, G2192 has G2420 an G531 unchangeable G2420 priesthood.
  25 G3606 Therefore G1410 he is able G2532 also G4982 to save G3838 them G1519 to G3838 the outermost G4334 that come G2316 to God G1223 by G846 him, G2198 seeing he G3842 ever G2198 lives G1519 to G1793 make intercession G5228 for G846 them.
  26 G1063 For G5108 such G749 an high priest G4241 was fitting G2254 for us; G3741 he is holy, G172 innocent, G283 undefiled, G5563 separate G575 from G268 sinners, G2532 and G1096 made G5308 higher G3772 than the heavens;
  27 G3739 Who G2192   G318 needs G3756 not G2596   G2250 daily, G5618 as G749 did those high priests, G399 to offer up G2378 sacrifice, G4386 first G5228 for G2398 his own G266 sins, G1899 and then G2992 for the people's: G1063 for G5124 this G4160 he did G2178 once, G399 when he offered up G1438 himself.
  28 G1063 For G3551 the law G2525 makes G444 men G749 high priests G2192 which have G769 weaknesses; G1161 but G3056 the word G3728 of the oath, G3588 which was G3326 after G3551 the law, G5207 appoints the Son, G5048 who is consecrated G1519 for G165 evermore.