Genesis 9

  1 H430 And God H1288 blessed H5146 Noah H1121 and his sons, H559 and said H6509 unto them, Be fruitful, H7235 and multiply, H4390 and replenish H776 the earth.
  2 H4172 And the fear of you H2844 and the dread of you H2416 shall be upon every animal H776 of the earth, H5775 and upon every bird H8064 of the air, H7430 upon all that moves H127 upon the earth, H1709 and upon all the fish H3220 of the sea; H3027 into your hand H5414 are they delivered.
  3 H7431 Every moving thing H2416 that lives H402 shall be meat H3418 for you; even as the green H6212 herb H5414 have I given you all things.
  4 H389 But H1320 flesh H5315 with the life, H1818 which is the blood, H398 shall you not eat.
  5 H389 And surely H1818 your blood H5315 of your lives H1875 will I require; H3027 at the hand H2416 of every animal H1875 will I require it, H3027 and at the hand H120 of man; H3027 at the hand H376 of every man's H251 brother H1875 will I require H5315 the life H120 of man.
  6 H8210 Whoever sheds H120 man's H1818 blood, H120 by man H1818 shall his blood H8210 be shed: H6754 for in the image H430 of God H6213 made H120 he man.
  7 H6509 And you, be you fruitful, H7235 and multiply; H8317 bring forth abundantly H776 in the earth, H7235 and multiply therein.
  8 H430 And God H559 spoke H5146 unto Noah, H1121 and to his sons H559 with him, saying,
  9 H6965 And I, behold, I establish H1285 my covenant H2233 with you, and with your seed H310 after you;
  10 H2416 And with every living H5315 creature H5775 that is with you, of the birds, H929 of the cattle, H2416 and of every animal H776 of the earth H3318 with you; from all that go out H8392 of the ark, H2416 to every animal H776 of the earth.
  11 H6965 And I will establish H1285 my covenant H1320 with you; neither shall all flesh H3772 be cut off H4325 any more by the waters H3999 of a flood; H3999 neither shall there any more be a flood H7843 to destroy H776 the earth.
  12 H430 And God H559 said, H226 This is the token H1285 of the covenant H589 which I H5414 make H2416 between me and you and every living H5315 creature H5769 that is with you, for perpetual H1755 generations:
  13 H5414 I do set H7198 my bow H6051 in the cloud, H226 and it shall be for a token H1285 of a covenant H776 between me and the earth.
  14 H6049 And it shall come to pass, when I bring H6051 a cloud H776 over the earth, H7198 that the bow H7200 shall be seen H6051 in the cloud:
  15 H2142 And I will remember H1285 my covenant, H2416 which is between me and you and every living H5315 creature H1320 of all flesh; H4325 and the waters H5750 shall no more H3999 become a flood H7843 to destroy H1320 all flesh.
  16 H7198 And the bow H6051 shall be in the cloud; H7200 and I will look upon it, H2142 that I may remember H5769 the everlasting H1285 covenant H996 between H430 God H996 and H2416 every living H5315 creature H1320 of all flesh H776 that is upon the earth.
  17 H430 And God H559 said H5146 unto Noah, H226 This is the token H1285 of the covenant, H6965 which I have established H1320 between me and all flesh H776 that is upon the earth.
  18 H1121 And the sons H5146 of Noah, H3318 that went forth H8392 of the ark, H8035 were Shem, H2526 and Ham, H3315 and Japheth: H2526 and Ham H1 is the father H3667 of Canaan.
  19 H7969 These are the three H1121 sons H5146 of Noah: H776 and of them was the whole earth H5310 populated.
  20 H5146 And Noah H2490 began H376 to be a husbandman, H5193 and he planted H3754 a vineyard:
  21 H8354 And he drank H3196 of the wine, H7937 and was drunk; H1540 and he was uncovered H8432 within H168 his tent.
  22 H2526 And Ham, H1 the father H3667 of Canaan, H7200 saw H6172 the nakedness H1 of his father, H5046 and told H8147 his two H251 brothers H2351 outside.
  23 H8035 And Shem H3315 and Japheth H3947 took H8071 a garment, H7760 and laid H8147 it upon both H7926 their shoulders, H3212 and went H322 backward, H3680 and covered H6172 the nakedness H1 of their father; H6440 and their faces H322 were backward, H7200 and they saw H1 not their father's H6172 nakedness.
  24 H5146 And Noah H3364 awoke H3196 from his wine, H3045 and knew H6996 what his younger H1121 son H6213 had done unto him.
  25 H559 And he said, H779 Cursed H3667 be Canaan; H5650 a servant H5650 of servants H251 shall he be unto his brothers.
  26 H559 And he said, H1288 Blessed H3068 be the Lord H430 God H8035 of Shem; H3667 and Canaan H1961 shall be H5650 his servant.
  27 H430 God H6601 shall enlarge H3315 Japheth, H7931 and he shall dwell H168 in the tents H8035 of Shem; H3667 and Canaan H5650 shall be his servant.
  28 H5146 And Noah H2421 lived H310 after H3999 the flood H7969 three H3967 hundred H2572 and fifty H8141 years.
  29 H3117 And all the days H5146 of Noah H8672 were nine H3967 hundred H2572 and fifty H8141 years: H4191 and he died.