Genesis 44:29-31

  29 H3947 And if you take H5973 this also from H6440 me, H611 and mischief H7136 happens to him, H3381 you shall bring down H7872 my gray hairs H7451 with sorrow H7585 to the grave.
  30 H935 Now therefore when I come H5650 to your servant H1 my father, H5288 and the lad H5315 be not with us; seeing that his life H7194 is bound up H5315 in the lad's life;
  31 H7200 It shall come to pass, when he sees H5288 that the lad H4191 is not with us, that he will die: H5650 and your servants H3381 shall bring down H7872 the gray hairs H5650 of your servant H1 our father H3015 with sorrow H7585 to the grave.