Ezekiel 40:39-42

  39 H197 And in the porch H8179 of the gate H8147 were two H7979 tablets H7979 on this side, and two tablets H7819 on that side, to kill H5930 on it the burnt offering H2403 and the sin offering H817 and the trespass offering.
  40 H3802 And at the side H2351 outside, H5927 as one goes up H6607 to the entry H6828 of the north H8179 gate, H8147 were two H7979 tablets; H312 and on the other H3802 side, H197 which was at the porch H8179 of the gate, H8147 were two H7979 tablets.
  41 H702 Four H7979 tablets H702 were on this side, and four H7979 tablets H3802 on that side, by the side H8179 of the gate; H8083 eight H7979 tablets, H7819 whereupon they killed their sacrifices.
  42 H702 And the four H7979 tablets H1496 were of cut H68 stone H5930 for the burnt offering, H520 of a cubit H2677 and a half H753 long, H520 and a cubit H2677 and a half H7341 broad, H259 and one H520 cubit H1363 high: H3240 whereupon also they laid H3627 the instruments H7819 with which they killed H5930 the burnt offering H2077 and the sacrifice.