Ezekiel 36:10-12

  10 H7235 And I will multiply H120 men H1004 upon you, all the house H3478 of Israel, H5892 even all of it: and the cities H3427 shall be inhabited, H2723 and the wastes H1129 shall be built:
  11 H7235 And I will multiply H120 upon you man H929 and animal; H7235 and they shall increase H6509 and bring fruit: H3427 and I will settle H6927 you after your old estates, H2895 and will do better H7221 unto you than at your beginnings: H3045 and you shall know H3068 that I am the Lord.
  12 H120 Yes, I will cause men H3212 to walk H5971 upon you, even my people H3478 Israel; H3423 and they shall possess H5159 you, and you shall be their inheritance, H3254 and you shall no more H7921 henceforth bereave them of men.