Exodus 23:1-7

  1 H5375 You shall not raise H7723 a false H8088 report: H7896 put H3027 not your hand H7563 with the wicked H2555 to be an unrighteous H5707 witness.
  2 H310 You shall not follow H7227 a multitude H7451 to do evil; H6030 neither shall you speak H7379 in a cause H5186 to decline H310 after H7227 many H5186 to bend judgment:
  3 H1921 Neither shall you favor H1800 a poor H7379 man in his cause.
  4 H6293 If you meet H341 your enemy's H7794 ox H2543 or his donkey H8582 going astray, H7725 you shall surely H7725 bring it back H7725 to him again.
  5 H7200 If you see H2543 the donkey H8130 of him that hates H7257 you lying H4853 under his burden, H2308 and would not want H5800 to help H5800 him, you shall surely H5800 help with him.
  6 H5186 You shall not bend H4941 the judgment H34 of your poor H7379 in his cause.
  7 H7368 Keep you far H8267 from a false H1697 matter; H5355 and the innocent H6662 and righteous H2026 kill H6663 you not: for I will not justify H7563 the wicked.