Deuteronomy 32:22-25

  22 H784 For a fire H6919 is kindled H639 in my anger, H3344 and shall burn H8482 unto the lowest H7585 hell, H398 and shall consume H776 the earth H2981 with her increase, H3857 and set on fire H4144 the foundations H2022 of the mountains.
  23 H5595 I will heap H7451 mischiefs H3615 upon them; I will spend H2671 my arrows upon them.
  24 H4198 They shall be burnt H7458 with hunger, H3898 and devoured H7565 with burning heat, H4815 and with bitter H6986 destruction: H7971 I will also send H8127 the teeth H929 of animals H2534 upon them, with the poison H2119 of serpents H6083 of the dust.
  25 H2719 The sword H2351 outside, H367 and terror H2315 inside, H7921 shall destroy H970 both the young man H1330 and the virgin, H3243 the suckling H376 also with the man H7872 of gray hairs.