2 Kings 8:12-15

  12 H2371 And Hazael H559 said, H1058 Why weeps H113 my lord? H559 And he answered, H3045 Because I know H7451 the evil H6213 that you will do H1121 unto the sons H3478 of Israel: H4013 their strong holds H7971 will you set H784 on fire, H970 and their young men H2026 will you kill H2719 with the sword, H7376 and will dash H5768 their sons, H1234 and rip up H2030 their women with child.
  13 H2371 And Hazael H559 said, H5650 But what, is your servant H3611 a dog, H6213 that he should do H1419 this great H1697 thing? H477 And Elisha H559 answered, H3068 The Lord H7200 has showed H4428 me that you shall be king H758 over Syria.
  14 H3212 So he departed H477 from Elisha, H935 and came H113 to his master; H559 who said H559 to him, What said H477 Elisha H559 to you? And he answered, H559 He told H2421 me that you should surely H2421 recover.
  15 H4283 And it came to pass on the next day, H3947 that he took H4346 a thick cloth, H2881 and dipped H4325 it in water, H6566 and spread H6440 it on his face, H4191 so that he died: H2371 and Hazael H4427 reigned in his place.