2 Kings 6:8-12

  8 H4428 Then the king H758 of Syria H3898 warred H3478 against Israel, H3289 and took counsel H5650 with his servants, H559 saying, H6423 In such H492 and such H4725 a place H8466 shall be my camp.
  9 H376 And the man H430 of God H7971 sent H4428 unto the king H3478 of Israel, H559 saying, H8104 Beware H5674 that you pass H2088 not such H4725 a place; H758 for there the Syrians H5185 are come down.
  10 H4428 And the king H3478 of Israel H7971 sent H4725 to the place H376 which the man H430 of God H559 told H2094 him and warned H8104 him of, and saved H259 himself there, not once H8147 nor twice.
  11 H3820 Therefore the heart H4428 of the king H758 of Syria H5590 was severe troubled H1697 for this thing; H7121 and he called H5650 his servants, H559 and said H5046 unto them, Will you not show H4428 me which of us is for the king H3478 of Israel?
  12 H259 And one H5650 of his servants H559 said, H113 None, my lord, H4428 O king: H477 but Elisha, H5030 the prophet H3478 that is in Israel, H5046 tells H4428 the king H3478 of Israel H1697 the words H1696 that you speak H2315 in your bedroom.