2 Corinthians 9:11-15

  11 G4148 Being enriched G1722 in G3956 every thing G1519 to G3956 all G572 bountifulness, G3748 which G2716 causes G1223 through G2257 us G2169 thanksgiving G2316 to God.
  12 G3754 For G1248 the administration G3778 of this G3009 service G3756 not G3440 only G4322 supplies G5303 the wants G40 of the saints, G235 but G2076 is G4052 abundant G2532 also G1223 by G4183 many G2169 thanksgivings G2316 unto God;
  13 G1223 While G1382 by the proof G3778 of this G1248 ministration G1392 they glorify G2316 God G1909 for G5216 your G3671 professed G5292 subjection G1519 unto G2098 the gospel G5547 of Christ, G2532 and G572 for your noble G2842 distribution G1519 unto G846 them, G2532 and G1519 unto G3956 all men;
  14 G2532 And G846 by their G1162 prayer G5228 for G5216 you, G1971 which yearn for G5209 you G1223 because G5235 of the exceeding G5485 grace G2316 of God G1909 in G5213 you.
  15 G5485 Thanks G1909 be unto G2316 God G1161 for G846 his G411 unspeakable G1431 gift.