1 Samuel 24

  1 H7586 And it came to pass, when Saul H7725 was returned H310 from following H6430 the Philistines, H5046 that it was told H559 him, saying, H1732 Behold, David H4057 is in the wilderness H5872 of En–gedi.
  2 H7586 Then Saul H3947 took H7969 three H505 thousand H977 chosen H376 men H3478 out of all Israel, H3212 and went H1245 to seek H1732 David H582 and his men H6440 upon H6697 the rocks H3277 of the wild goats.
  3 H935 And he came H1448 to the sheepfold H1870 by the way, H4631 where was a cave; H7586 and Saul H935 went in H5526 to cover H7272 his feet: H1732 and David H582 and his men H3427 remained H3411 in the sides H4631 of the cave.
  4 H582 And the men H1732 of David H559 said H3117 unto him, Behold the day H3068 of which the Lord H559 said H5414 unto you, Behold, I will deliver H341 your enemy H3027 into your hand, H6213 that you may do H3190 to him as it shall seem good H5869 unto you. H1732 Then David H6965 arose, H3772 and cut off H3671 the skirt H7586 of Saul's H4598 robe H3909 privately.
  5 H310 And it came to pass afterward, H1732 that David's H3820 heart H5221 struck H3772 him, because he had cut off H7586 Saul's H3671 skirt.
  6 H559 And he said H582 unto his men, H3068 The Lord H2486 forbid H6213 that I should do H1697 this thing H113 unto my master, H3068 the Lord's H4899 anointed, H7971 to stretch forth H3027 my hand H4899 against him, seeing he is the anointed H3068 of the Lord.
  7 H1732 So David H8156 stayed H582 his servants H1697 with these words, H5414 and allowed H6965 them not to rise H7586 against Saul. H7586 But Saul H6965 rose up H4631 out of the cave, H3212 and went H1870 on his way.
  8 H1732 David H6965 also arose H3318 afterward, and went out H4631 of the cave, H7121 and cried H310 after H7586 Saul, H559 saying, H113 My lord H4428 the king. H7586 And when Saul H5027 looked H310 behind H1732 him, David H6915 stooped H639 with his face H776 to the earth, H7812 and bowed himself.
  9 H1732 And David H559 said H7586 to Saul, H8085 Why hear H120 you men's H1697 words, H559 saying, H1732 Behold, David H1245 seeks H7451 your hurt?
  10 H3117 Behold, this day H5869 your eyes H7200 have seen H3068 how that the Lord H5414 had delivered H3117 you to day H3027 into my hand H4631 in the cave: H559 and some told H2026 me to kill H2347 you: but my eye spared H559 you; and I said, H7971 I will not put forth H3027 my hand H113 against my lord; H3068 for he is the Lord's H4899 anointed.
  11 H1 Moreover, my father, H7200 see, H7200 Yes, see H3671 the skirt H4598 of your robe H3027 in my hand: H3772 for in that I cut off H3671 the skirt H4598 of your robe, H2026 and killed H3045 you not, know H7200 you and see H7451 that there is neither evil H6588 nor transgression H3027 in my hand, H2398 and I have not sinned H6658 against you; yet you hunt H5315 my soul H3947 to take it.
  12 H3068 The Lord H8199 judge H3068 between me and you, and the Lord H5358 avenge H3027 me of you: but my hand shall not be upon you.
  13 H559 As says H4912 the proverb H6931 of the ancients, H7562 Wickedness H3318 proceeds H7563 from the wicked: H3027 but my hand shall not be upon you.
  14 H310 After H4428 whom is the king H3478 of Israel H3318 come out? H310 after H7291 whom do you pursue? H310 after H4191 a dead H3611 dog, H310 after H259 a H6550 flea.
  15 H3068 The Lord H1781 therefore be judge, H8199 and judge H7200 between me and you, and see, H7378 and plead H7379 my cause, H8199 and deliver H3027 me out of your hand.
  16 H1732 And it came to pass, when David H3615 had made an end H1696 of speaking H1697 these words H7586 unto Saul, H7586 that Saul H559 said, H6963 Is this your voice, H1121 my son H1732 David? H7586 And Saul H5375 lifted up H6963 his voice, H1058 and wept.
  17 H559 And he said H1732 to David, H6662 You are more righteous H1580 than I: for you have rewarded H2896 me good, H1580 whereas I have rewarded H7451 you evil.
  18 H5046 And you have shown H3117 this day H6213 how that you have dealt H2896 well H3068 with me: forasmuch as when the Lord H5462 had delivered H3027 me into your hand, H2026 you killed me not.
  19 H376 For if a man H4672 find H341 his enemy, H7971 will he let him go H2896 well H1870 away? H3068 Therefore the Lord H7999 reward H2896 you good H6213 for that you have done H3117 unto me this day.
  20 H3045 And now, behold, I know well H4427 that you shall surely H4427 be king, H4467 and that the kingdom H3478 of Israel H6965 shall be established H3027 in your hand.
  21 H7650 Swear H3068 now therefore unto me by the Lord, H518 that you will not H3772 cut off H2233 my seed H310 after H8045 me, and that you will not destroy H8034 my name H1 out of my father's H1004 house.
  22 H1732 And David H7650 swore H7586 unto Saul. H7586 And Saul H3212 went H1004 home; H1732 but David H582 and his men H5927 went up H4686 unto the hold.