1 Samuel 22

  1 H1732 David H3212 therefore departed H4422 there, and escaped H4631 to the cave H5725 Adullam: H251 and when his brothers H1 and all his father's H1004 house H8085 heard H3381 it, they went down there to him.
  2 H376 And every one H4689 that was in distress, H376 and every one H5378 that was in debt, H376 and every one H4751 that was discontented, H6908 gathered H8269 themselves unto him; and he became a captain H702 over them: and there were with him about four H3967 hundred H376 men.
  3 H1732 And David H3212 went H4708 there to Mizpeh H4124 of Moab: H559 and he said H4428 unto the king H4124 of Moab, H1 Let my father H517 and my mother, H3318 I pray you, come forth, H3045 and be with you, until I know H430 what God H6213 will do for me.
  4 H5148 And he brought H6440 them before H4428 the king H4124 of Moab: H3427 and they lived H3117 with him all the while H1732 that David H4686 was in the hold.
  5 H5030 And the prophet H1410 Gad H559 said H1732 unto David, H3427 Stay H4686 not in the hold; H3212 depart, H935 and get H776 you into the land H3063 of Judah. H1732 Then David H3212 departed, H935 and came H3293 into the forest H2802 of Hareth.
  6 H7586 When Saul H8085 heard H1732 that David H3045 was discovered, H582 and the men H7586 that were with him, (now Saul H3427 lived H1390 in Gibeah H815 under a tree H7414 in Ramah, H2595 having his spear H3027 in his hand, H5650 and all his servants H5324 were standing about him;)
  7 H7586 Then Saul H559 said H5650 unto his servants H5324 that stood H8085 about him, Hear now, H1145 you Benjamites; H1121 will the son H3448 of Jesse H5414 give H7704 every one of you fields H3754 and vineyards, H7760 and make H8269 you all captains H505 of thousands, H8269 and captains H3967 of hundreds;
  8 H7194 That all of you have conspired H1540 against me, and there is none that showed H1121 me that my son H3772 has made a covenant H1121 with the son H3448 of Jesse, H2470 and there is none of you that is sorry H1540 for me, or showed H1121 unto me that my son H6965 has stirred up H5650 my servant H693 against me, to lie in wait, H3117 as at this day?
  9 H6030 Then answered H1673 Doeg H130 the Edomite, H5324 which was set H5650 over the servants H7586 of Saul, H559 and said, H7200 I saw H1121 the son H3448 of Jesse H935 coming H5011 to Nob, H288 to Ahimelech H1121 the son H285 of Ahitub.
  10 H7592 And he inquired H3068 of the Lord H5414 for him, and gave H6720 him food, H5414 and gave H2719 him the sword H1555 of Goliath H6430 the Philistine.
  11 H4428 Then the king H7971 sent H7121 to call H288 Ahimelech H3548 the priest, H1121 the son H285 of Ahitub, H1 and all his father's H1004 house, H3548 the priests H5011 that were in Nob: H935 and they came H4428 all of them to the king.
  12 H7586 And Saul H559 said, H8085 Hear H1121 now, you son H285 of Ahitub. H559 And he answered, H113 Here I am, my lord.
  13 H7586 And Saul H559 said H7194 unto him, Why have you conspired H1121 against me, you and the son H3448 of Jesse, H5414 in that you have given H3899 him bread, H2719 and a sword, H7592 and have inquired H430 of God H6965 for him, that he should rise H693 against me, to lie in wait, H3117 as at this day?
  14 H288 Then Ahimelech H6030 answered H4428 the king, H559 and said, H539 And who is so faithful H5650 among all your servants H1732 as David, H4428 which is the king's H2860 son in law, H5493 and goes H4928 at your bidding, H3513 and is honorable H1004 in your house?
  15 H3117 Did I then H2490 begin H7592 to inquire H430 of God H2486 for him? be it far from me: H4428 let not the king H7760 impute H1697 any thing H5650 unto his servant, H1004 nor to all the house H1 of my father: H5650 for your servant H3045 knew H1697 nothing H6996 of all this, less H1419 or more.
  16 H4428 And the king H559 said, H4191 You shall surely H4191 die, H288 Ahimelech, H1 you, and all your father's H1004 house.
  17 H4428 And the king H559 said H7323 unto the footmen H5324 that stood H5437 about him, Turn, H4191 and kill H3548 the priests H3068 of the Lord; H3027 because their hand H1732 also is with David, H3045 and because they knew H1272 when he fled, H1540 and did not show H5650 it to me. But the servants H4428 of the king H14 would H7971 not put forth H3027 their hand H6293 to fall H3548 upon the priests H3068 of the Lord.
  18 H4428 And the king H559 said H1673 to Doeg, H5437 Turn H6293 you, and fall H3548 upon the priests. H1673 And Doeg H130 the Edomite H5437 turned, H6293 and he fell H3548 upon the priests, H4191 and killed H3117 on that day H8084 eighty H2568 and five H376 persons H5375 that did wear H906 a linen H646 ephod.
  19 H5011 And Nob, H5892 the city H3548 of the priests, H5221 struck H6310 he with the edge H2719 of the sword, H376 both men H802 and women, H5768 sons H3243 and sucklings, H7794 and oxen, H2543 and donkeys, H7716 and sheep, H6310 with the edge H2719 of the sword.
  20 H259 And one H1121 of the sons H288 of Ahimelech H1121 the son H285 of Ahitub, H8034 named H54 Abiathar, H4422 escaped, H1272 and fled H310 after H1732 David.
  21 H54 And Abiathar H5046 showed H1732 David H7586 that Saul H2026 had slain H3068 the Lord's H3548 priests.
  22 H1732 And David H559 said H54 unto Abiathar, H3045 I knew H3117 it that day, H1673 when Doeg H130 the Edomite H5046 was there, that he would surely H5046 tell H7586 Saul: H5437 I have occasioned H5315 the death of all the persons H1 of your father's H1004 house.
  23 H3427 Stay H3372 you with me, fear H1245 not: for he that seeks H5315 my life H1245 seeks H5315 your life: H4931 but with me you shall be in safeguard.