1 Kings 6

  1 H702 And it came to pass in the four H3967 hundred H8084 and eightieth H8141 year H1121 after the sons H3478 of Israel H3318 were come out H776 of the land H4714 of Egypt, H7243 in the fourth H8141 year H8010 of Solomon's H4427 reign H3478 over Israel, H2320 in the month H2099 Zif, H8145 which is the second H2320 month, H1129 that he began to build H1004 the house H3068 of the Lord.
  2 H1004 And the house H4428 which king H8010 Solomon H1129 built H3068 for the Lord, H753 the length H8346 there was sixty H520 cubits, H7341 and the breadth H6242 there twenty H6967 cubits, and the height H7970 there thirty H520 cubits.
  3 H197 And the porch H6440 before H1964 the temple H1004 of the house, H6242 twenty H520 cubits H753 was the length H7341 there, according to the breadth H1004 of the house; H6235 and ten H520 cubits H7341 was the breadth H1004 there before the house.
  4 H1004 And for the house H6213 he made H2474 windows H331 of narrow H8261 lights.
  5 H7023 And against the wall H1004 of the house H1129 he built H3326 chambers H5439 round about, H7023 against the walls H1004 of the house H5439 round about, H1964 both of the temple H1687 and of the oracle: H6213 and he made H6763 chambers H5439 round about:
  6 H8481 The nethermost H3326 chamber H2568 was five H520 cubits H7341 broad, H8484 and the middle H8337 was six H520 cubits H7341 broad, H7992 and the third H7651 was seven H520 cubits H7341 broad: H2351 for outside in the wall of H1004 the house H5414 he made H4052 narrowed rests H5439 round about, H270 that the beams should not be fastened H7023 in the walls H1004 of the house.
  7 H1004 And the house, H1129 when it was in building, H1129 was built H68 of stone H8003 made ready H4551 before it was brought H4717 there: so that there was neither hammer H1631 nor axe H3627 nor any tool H1270 of iron H8085 heard H1004 in the house, H1129 while it was in building.
  8 H6607 The door H8484 for the middle H6763 chamber H3233 was in the right H3802 side H1004 of the house: H5927 and they went up H3883 with winding stairs H8484 into the middle H8484 chamber, and out of the middle H7992 into the third.
  9 H1129 So he built H1004 the house, H3615 and finished H5603 it; and covered H1004 the house H1356 with beams H7713 and boards H730 of cedar.
  10 H1129 And then he built H3326 chambers H1004 against all the house, H2568 five H520 cubits H6967 high: H270 and they rested H1004 on the house H6086 with timber H730 of cedar.
  11 H1697 And the word H3068 of the Lord H8010 came to Solomon, H559 saying,
  12 H1004 Concerning this house H1129 which you are in building, H3212 if you will walk H2708 in my statutes, H6213 and execute H4941 my judgments, H8104 and keep H4687 all my commandments H3212 to walk H6965 in them; then will I perform H1697 my word H1696 with you, which I spoke H1732 unto David H1 your father:
  13 H7931 And I will live H8432 among H1121 the sons H3478 of Israel, H5800 and will not forsake H5971 my people H3478 Israel.
  14 H8010 So Solomon H1129 built H1004 the house, H3615 and finished it.
  15 H1129 And he built H7023 the walls H1004 of the house H1004 inside H6763 with boards H730 of cedar, H7172 both the floor H1004 of the house, H7023 and the walls H5604 of the ceiling: H6823 and he covered H1004 them on the inside H6086 with wood, H6823 and covered H7172 the floor H1004 of the house H6763 with planks H1265 of fir.
  16 H1129 And he built H6242 twenty H520 cubits H3411 on the sides H1004 of the house, H4480 both H7172 the floor H7023 and the walls H6763 with boards H730 of cedar: H1129 he even built H1004 them for it inside, H1687 even for the oracle, H6944 even for the most H6944 holy place.
  17 H1004 And the house, H1964 that is, the temple H3942 before H705 it, was forty H520 cubits long.
  18 H730 And the cedar H1004 of the house H6441 inside H4734 was carved H6497 with buds H6362 and open H6731 flowers: H730 all was cedar; H68 there was no stone H7200 seen.
  19 H1687 And the oracle H3559 he prepared H8432 in H1004 the house H6441 inside, H5414 to set H727 there the ark H1285 of the covenant H3068 of the Lord.
  20 H1687 And the oracle H6440 in the front H6242 was twenty H520 cubits H753 in length, H6242 and twenty H520 cubits H7341 in breadth, H6242 and twenty H520 cubits H6967 in the height H6823 there: and he overlaid H5462 it with pure H2091 gold; H6823 and so covered H4196 the altar H730 which was of cedar.
  21 H8010 So Solomon H6823 overlaid H1004 the house H6441 inside H5462 with pure H2091 gold: H5674 and he made a partition H7572 by the chains H2091 of gold H6440 before H1687 the oracle; H6823 and he overlaid H2091 it with gold.
  22 H1004 And the whole house H6823 he overlaid H2091 with gold, H8552 until he had finished H1004 all the house: H4196 also the whole altar H1687 that was by the oracle H6823 he overlaid H2091 with gold.
  23 H1687 And inside the oracle H6213 he made H8147 two H3742 cherubims H8081 of olive H6086 tree, H6235 each ten H520 cubits H6967 high.
  24 H2568 And five H520 cubits H259 was the one H3671 wing H3742 of the cherub, H2568 and five H520 cubits H8145 the other H3671 wing H3742 of the cherub: H7098 from the outermost part H3671 of the one wing H7098 unto the outermost part H3671 of the other H6235 were ten H520 cubits.
  25 H8145 And the other H3742 cherub H6235 was ten H520 cubits: H8147 both H3742 the cherubims H259 were of one H4060 measure H259 and one H7095 size.
  26 H6967 The height H259 of the one H3742 cherub H6235 was ten H520 cubits, H8145 and so was it of the other H3742 cherub.
  27 H5414 And he set H3742 the cherubims H8432 inside H6442 the inner H1004 house: H6566 and they stretched forth H3671 the wings H3742 of the cherubims, H3671 so that the wing H259 of the one H5060 touched H7023 the one wall, H3671 and the wing H8145 of the other H3742 cherub H5060 touched H8145 the other H7023 wall; H3671 and their wings H5060 touched H3671 one H3671 another H8432 in the middle H1004 of the house.
  28 H6823 And he overlaid H3742 the cherubims H2091 with gold.
  29 H7049 And he carved H7023 all the walls H1004 of the house H4524 round about H6603 with carved H4734 figures H3742 of cherubims H8561 and palm trees H6362 and open H6731 flowers, H6441 inside H2435 and outside.
  30 H7172 And the floor H1004 of the house H6823 he overlaid H2091 with gold, H6441 inside H2435 and outside.
  31 H6607 And for the entering H1687 of the oracle H6213 he made H1817 doors H8081 of olive H6086 tree: H352 the lintel H4201 and side posts H2549 were a fifth part of the wall.
  32 H8147 The two H1817 doors H8081 also were of olive H6086 tree; H7049 and he carved H4734 upon them carvings H3742 of cherubims H8561 and palm trees H6362 and open H6731 flowers, H6823 and overlaid H2091 them with gold, H7286 and spread H2091 gold H3742 upon the cherubims, H8561 and upon the palm trees.
  33 H6213 So also made H6607 he for the door H1964 of the temple H4201 posts H8081 of olive H6086 tree, H7243 a fourth part of the wall.
  34 H8147 And the two H1817 doors H1265 were of fir H6086 tree: H8147 the two H6763 leaves H259 of the one H1817 door H1550 were folding, H8147 and the two H7050 leaves H8145 of the other H1817 door H1550 were folding.
  35 H7049 And he carved H3742 on it cherubims H8561 and palm trees H6362 and open H6731 flowers: H6823 and covered H2091 them with gold H3474 fitted H2707 upon the carved work.
  36 H1129 And he built H6442 the inner H2691 court H7969 with three H2905 rows H1496 of hewed stone, H2905 and a row H730 of cedar H3773 beams.
  37 H7243 In the fourth H8141 year H3245 was the foundation H1004 of the house H3068 of the Lord H3245 laid, H3391 in the month H2099 Zif:
  38 H259 And in the eleventh H8141 year, H3391 in the month H945 Bul, H8066 which is the eighth H2320 month, H1004 was the house H3615 finished H1697 throughout all the parts H4941 there, and according to all the fashion H7651 of it. So was he seven H8141 years H1129 in building it.