Exodus 22:1-31

CAB(i) 1 And if one steals an ox or a sheep, and kills it or sells it, he shall pay five calves for a calf, and four sheep for a sheep. 2 And if the thief is found breaking in, and he is struck so that he dies, there shall be no blood shed for him. 3 But if the sun has risen upon him, he is guilty, and he shall die instead; and if a thief has nothing, let him be sold in compensation for what he has stolen. 4 And if the thing stolen is left and is in his hand alive, whether ox or sheep, he shall restore them twofold. 5 And if anyone should feed down a field or a vineyard, and should send in his beast to feed down another field, he shall make compensation of his own field according to his produce; and if he shall have fed down the whole field, he shall pay for compensation the best of his own field and the best of his vineyard. 6 And if fire has gone forth and caught thorns, and should also set on fire threshing floors or ears of corn or a field, he that kindled the fire shall make compensation. 7 And if anyone gives to his neighbor money or goods to keep, and they are stolen out of the man's house, if the thief is found he shall repay double. 8 But if the thief is not found, the master of the house shall come forward before God, and shall swear that surely he has not done wickedly in regard to any part of his neighbor's goods, 9 according to every injury alleged, whether it concerns a calf, a donkey, a sheep, a garment, and every alleged loss, whatever in fact it may be — the judgment of both shall proceed before God, and he that is convicted by God shall repay to his neighbor double. 10 And if anyone gives to his neighbor a calf, a sheep or any beast to keep, and it is wounded or dies or is taken, and no one know, 11 an oath of God shall be between both, each swearing that he has by no means been guilty in the matter of his neighbor's goods; and so his master shall hold him guiltless, and he shall not make compensation. 12 But if it is stolen from him, he shall make compensation to the owner. 13 And if it is seized by beasts, he shall bring him to witness the prey, and he shall not make compensation. 14 And if anyone borrow from his neighbor, and it becomes wounded or dies or is carried away, and the owner of it is not with it, he shall make compensation. 15 But if the owner is with it, he shall not make compensation: but if it is a hired thing, there shall be a compensation to him instead of his hire. 16 And if anyone deceive a virgin that is not betrothed, and lie with her, he shall surely endow her for a wife to himself. 17 And if her father positively refuses, and will not consent to give her to him for a wife, he shall pay compensation to her father according to the amount of the dowry of virgins. 18 You shall not save the lives of sorcerers. 19 Everyone that lies with a beast shall surely be put to death. 20 He that sacrifices to any gods but to the Lord alone, shall be destroyed by death. 21 And you shall not hurt a stranger, nor afflict him; for you were strangers in the land of Egypt. 22 You shall hurt no widow or orphan. 23 And if you should afflict them by ill treatment, and they should cry aloud to Me, I will surely hear their voice. 24 And I will be very angry, and will slay you with the sword, and your wives shall be widows and your children orphans. 25 And if you should lend money to your poor brother who is among you, you shall not be hard upon him — you shall not charge interest from him. 26 And if you take your neighbor's garment for a pledge, you shall restore it to him before sunset. 27 For this is his clothing, this is the only covering of his nakedness; how shall he sleep? If then he shall cry to Me, I will hearken to him, for I am merciful. 28 You shall not revile God, nor curse a ruler of your people. 29 You shall not keep back the firstfruits of your threshing floor and press. The firstborn of your sons you shall give unto Me. 30 So shall you do with your calf and your sheep and your donkey; seven days shall it be under the mother, and the eighth day you shall give it unto Me. 31 And you shall be holy men to Me; and you shall not eat flesh taken from beasts, you shall cast it to the dogs.