Song of Songs 5:9-16

Bishops(i) 9 What maner of man is thy loue aboue other louers, O thou fairest among women? Or what can thy loue do more then other louers, that thou chargest vs so straytly 10 As for my loue, he is whyte and red coloured, a goodly person among tenne thousande 11 His head is as the most fine golde, the lockes of his heere are busshed, & blacke as a crowe 12 His eyes are as the eyes of doues by the water brookes as though they were wasshed with mylke, and are set lyke pearles in golde 13 His cheekes are lyke a garden bed, wherin the Apothecaries plant all maner of sweete thynges. His lippes are lyke lilies that droppe sweete smellyng Myrre 14 His handes are lyke golde rynges, hauyng inclosed the precious stone of Tharsis. His body is as the pure iuorie, dect ouer with Saphires 15 His legges are as the pillers of Marble set vpon sockettes of golde. His face is as Libanus: and as the beautie of the Cedar trees 16 The wordes of his mouth are sweete: yea he is altogether louely: Such a one is my loue O ye daughters of Hierusalem, such a one is my loue