Psalms 53

Bishops(i) 1 The foole hath sayde in his heart there is no God: they haue corrupted them selues, & haue made their wickednes abhominable, he is not that doeth good 2 The Lorde looked downe from heauen vpon the chyldren of men: to see if there were any that did vnderstand and seeke after the Lorde 3 But they dyd all go out of the way, they dyd altogether become abhomible: there was also none that would do good, no not one 4 Wyll not the workers of iniquitie vnderstande, eating vp my people [as if] they eated bread: that they do not call vpon God 5 They shalbe greatly there afraide [where] no cause of feare is: for the Lord wyll breake the bones of hym that besiegeth thee, thou wylt put [them] to shame, because the Lorde hath despised them 6 Who is he that wyll geue saluation vnto Israel out of Sion? when the Lord wyll reduce his people out of captiuitie, Iacob wyll reioyce, and Israel wyll be glad