Psalms 32

Bishops(i) 1 Blessed is he whose wickednes is forgeuen: and whose sinne is couered 2 Blessed is ye man vnto whom God imputeth no vnrighteousnes: & in whose spirit there is no guile 3 For whyle I helde my tongue: my bones consumed away through my dayly roaring 4 For thy hande is heauie vpon me day and night: and my moysture is like the drouth in sommer. Selah 5 [Therfore] I haue made knowen my faultes vnto thee, and my righteousnes haue I not hid: I sayd I will confesse my wickednes vnto God, and thou forgauest the vnrighteousnes of my sinne. Selah 6 For this shall euery one that is godly make his prayer vnto thee in the time when thou mayest be founde: so that in the great water fluddes they shal not come nye hym 7 Thou art my refuge, thou wylt preserue me from trouble: thou wylt compasse me about with songes of deliueraunce. Selah 8 I will geue thee wise instructions, and teach thee in the way wherin thou shalt go: & I wil guyde thee with mine eye 9 Be ye not lyke a horse [or] lyke a mule whiche haue no vnderstanding: whose mouthes must be holden with bit and brydle, lest they fall vpon thee 10 Great plagues remaine for the vngodly: but who so putteth his trust in God, mercy imbraceth him on euery side 11 Be glad in God, & reioyce O ye righteous: be ioyfull also all ye that be vpright of heart