Psalms 139:11-16

Bishops(i) 11 And yf I say peraduenture the darknesse shall couer me: and the night shalbe day for me 12 Truely the darknesse shall not darken any thing from thee, and the night shalbe as lyghtsome as the day: darknesse and lyght [to thee] are both a lyke 13 For thou hast my reynes in thy possession: thou didst couer me in my mothers wombe 14 I wyll confesse it vnto thee, for that thy [doynges] are to be dreaded, I am made after a marueylous sort: thy workes be marueylous, and that my soule knoweth ryght well 15 The substaunce of my [body] was not hyd from thee: when I was made in secrete and fashioned with distinct members in my mothers wombe 16 Thyne eyes dyd see me when I was most imperfect: and in thy booke were written euery day of them [wherin the partes of my body] were shaped, and no one of them were knowen vnto thee