Psalms 119

Bishops(i) 1 Blessed are those that be perfect in the way: walkyng in the lawe of God 2 Blessed are they that kepe his testimonies: they seke hym with their whole heart 3 Truely they walke in his wayes: who do no wickednesse 4 Thou hast geuen charge: that we shoulde diligently kepe thy commaundementes 5 I wishe that my wayes were directed: for to kepe thy statutes 6 I shall take then no shame: when I haue regarde vnto all thy commaundementes 7 I wyll confesse [it] vnto thee with an vpryght heart: when I shall haue learned the iudgementes of thy ryghteousnesse 8 I wyll kepe thy statutes: [wherfore] forsake me not for any long tyme 9 (119:1) Wherby shall a young man refourme his way: euen in guiding it accordyng to thy worde 10 (119:2) I haue sought thee with my whole heart: suffer me not to swarue from thy commaundementes 11 (119:3) I haue hyd thy wordes within my heart: for this ende, that I shoulde not sinne agaynst thee 12 (119:4) Blessed art thou O God: teache me thy statutes 13 (119:5) I haue declared with my lyppes: all the iudgementes of thy mouth 14 (119:6) I am delighted in the way of thy testimonies: as in all maner of riches 15 (119:7) I wyll study thy commaundementes: and I wyll consider thy wayes 16 (119:8) My delyght shalbe in thy statutes: and I wyll not forget thy worde 17 (119:1) Rewarde thy seruaunt, let me lyue: and I wyll kepe thy worde 18 (119:2) Open thou myne eyes: and I will beholde the wonderous thynges of thy lawe 19 (119:3) I am a straunger vpon earth: hyde not thy commaundementes from me 20 (119:4) My soule faynteth: for the very feruent desire that it hath alwaye vnto thy iudgementes 21 (119:5) Thou hast rebuked those that be proude and cursed: who do erre from thy commaundementes 22 (119:6) Withdrawe from me reproche and contempt: for that I haue kept thy testimonies 23 (119:7) Yea princes dyd syt and speake agaynst me: but thy seruaunt did geue hym selfe to the meditation of thy statutes 24 (119:8) Yea thy testimonies are my delyght: and my counsaylers 25 (119:1) My soule cleaueth to the dust: reuiue thou me accordyng to thy worde 26 (119:2) I haue made a declaration to thee of my wayes, and thou heardest me: O teache me thy statutes 27 (119:3) Make me to vnderstande the way of thy commaundementes: and I wyll geue my selfe to the meditation of thy wonderous workes 28 (119:4) My soule melteth away for very heauinesse: comfort thou me accordyng to thy worde 29 (119:5) Take from me the way of falshood: & witsafe me worthy to haue thy lawe 30 (119:6) I haue chosen the way of trueth: & I haue layde thy iudgementes before me 31 (119:7) I haue stuck fast vnto thy testimonies: O God confounde me not 32 (119:8) I wyll runne the way of thy commaundementes: when thou shalt set my heart at libertie 33 (119:1) Teache me O God the way of thy statutes: and I wyll kepe it vnto the ende 34 (119:2) Geue me vnderstanding, & I wil kepe thy law: yea I wyll kepe it with my whole heart 35 (119:3) Leade me in the path of thy comaundementes: for therin is my delyght 36 (119:4) Encline myne heart vnto thy testimonies: and not to couetousnesse 37 (119:5) Turne away myne eyes, lest they beholde vanitie: cause me to lyue in thy way 38 (119:6) Make thy worde more euident vnto thy seruaunt: who is [geuen] to thy feare 39 (119:7) Take away the reproche that I am afraide of: for thy iudgemetes are good 40 (119:8) Behold I haue coueted after thy commaundementes: cause me to lyue in thy ryghteousnesse 41 (119:1) Let thy louing mercie also come vnto me O God: euen thy saluation, accordyng to thy worde 42 (119:2) And I shall aunswere to hym that layeth [thy] worde to me for a reproche: for in thy worde I haue put my trust 43 (119:3) Take not the worde of trueth vtterly out of my mouth: for my hope is in thy iudgementes 44 (119:4) And I wyll alway kepe thy lawe: yea for euer and euer 45 (119:5) And I wyll walke in a large scope: for I seke thy commaundementes 46 (119:6) I wyll also speake of thy testimonies before kinges: & I will not be ashamed 47 (119:7) And my delyght shalbe in thy commaundementes: which I haue loued 48 (119:8) And I wyll lyft vp my handes vnto thy commaundementes which I haue loued: & my study shalbe in thy statutes 49 (119:1) Be myndfull of thy promise made vnto thy seruaunt: wherin thou hast caused me to put my trust 50 (119:2) That same is my comfort in my affliction: for thy worde maketh me to lyue 51 (119:3) The proude haue had me exceedingly in derision: yet I haue not shrinked from thy lawe 52 (119:4) [For] I called to remembraunce thy iudgementes from the begynnyng of the worlde O God: and so I comforted my selfe 53 (119:5) An extreme vnnaturall heat hath assayled me, because of the vngodly: who transgresse thy lawe 54 (119:6) Thy statutes haue ben [my] songes: in the house of my pilgrimages 55 (119:7) I haue thought vpon thy name O God in the nyght season: and I haue kept thy lawe 56 (119:8) This came to passe for me: because I kept thy commaundementes 57 (119:1) Thou art my portion O God: I haue purposed to kepe thy lawe 58 (119:2) I made myne humble petition to thy face with my whole heart: be mercifull vnto me according vnto thy word 59 (119:3) I haue considered mine owne wayes: and I haue turned my feete vnto thy testimonies 60 (119:4) I made haste and I made no delay: for to kepe thy commaundementes 61 (119:5) The vngodly haue tangled me in their snares: but I haue not forgotten thy lawe 62 (119:6) I wyll ryse at midnight to confesse me vnto thee: because of thy ryghteous iudgementes 63 (119:7) I am a companion of all them that feare thee: and kepe thy commaundementes 64 (119:8) The earth O God is replenished with thy louyng kyndnesse: O teache me thy statutes 65 (119:1) O God thou hast dealt gratiouslye with thy seruaunt: according vnto thy worde 66 (119:2) Learne me the good taste & cunning: for I haue beleued thy commaundementes 67 (119:3) Before I felt affliction I swarued out of the way: but nowe I kepe thy word 68 (119:4) Thou art good and beneficiall: teache me thy statutes 69 (119:5) The proude haue forged a false tale agaynst me: but I wyll kepe thy commaundementes with my whole heart 70 (119:6) Their heart is as fat as brawne: but my delyght hath ben in thy lawe 71 (119:7) It is good for me that I am brought into miserie: by that meanes I shall learne thy statutes 72 (119:8) The lawe of thy mouth is dearer vnto me: then thousandes of golde & siluer 73 (119:1) Thy handes haue made me and fashioned me: geue me vnderstanding, and I will learne thy comaundementes 74 (119:2) They that feare thee, shall see me, & reioyce: because I haue geuen earnest attendaunce vnto thy worde 75 (119:3) I know O God that thy iudgementes are iustice: and that thou hast caused me ryghtfully to be afflicted 76 (119:4) I beseche thee let thy louing kindnesse be a meanes to comfort me: accordyng to thy worde [spoken] vnto thy seruaunt 77 (119:5) Let thy pitifull mercies come vnto me, that I may lyue: for thy lawe is my delyght 78 (119:6) Let the proude be confounded, for they haue falsly reported me: but I wyll study thy commaundementes 79 (119:7) Let such as feare thee and knowe thy testimonies: returne vnto me 80 (119:8) Let myne heart be perfectly [set] in thy statutes: that I be not ashamed 81 (119:1) My soule hath faynted after thy saluation: I geue earnest attedaunce vnto thy worde 82 (119:2) Myne eyes haue faynted after thy worde: whylest I say, when wilt thou comfort me 83 (119:3) For I am become like a bottel [hanged] in the smoke: yet I do not forget thy statutes 84 (119:4) Howe many are the dayes of thy seruaunt? when wilt thou geue iudgement agaynst them that persecute me 85 (119:5) The proude haue digged pittes for me: which is [a thing] not [done] accordyng to thy lawe 86 (119:6) All thy commaundementes are the trueth it selfe: they wrongfully persecute me, O be thou my ayde 87 (119:7) They had almost made an ende of me vpon the earth: but I forsoke not thy commaundementes 88 (119:8) Make me to lyue accordyng to thy pietie: and I wyll kepe the testimonies of thy mouth 89 (119:1) O God: thy worde endureth for euer in heauen 90 (119:2) Thy trueth [appeareth] to euery generation: thou hast layde the foundation of the earth, and it shall continue 91 (119:3) [All thynges] continue this day accordyng to thine ordinaunce: for all thinges be thy seruauntes 92 (119:4) If my delight had not ben in thy lawe: I shoulde haue perished in myne affliction 93 (119:5) I wyll neuer forget thy commaundementes: for through them thou hast reuiued me 94 (119:6) I am thine, saue me: for I haue diligently studied thy commaundementes ouer 95 (119:7) When the vngodly layde wayte for me to destroy me: I endeuoured my selfe to vnderstande thy testimonies 96 (119:8) I see an ende of euery thing be it neuer so perfect: but thy commaundement is exceedyng large 97 (119:1) Howe greatly do I loue thy lawe? my study is all the day long in it 98 (119:2) Thou hast made me wyser then myne enemies through thy commaundementes: for they are euer with me 99 (119:3) I am able to geue better instruction then all they that were my teachers: for thy testimonies are my study 100 (119:4) I am made to vnderstande more then the aged can: because I kept thy commaundementes 101 (119:5) I haue rstrayned my feete from euery euyll way: that I may kepe thy worde 102 (119:6) I haue not shrinked from thy iudgementes: for thou didst teache me 103 (119:7) Howe sweete are thy wordes vnto my throte: truely [they be sweeter] then hony is to my mouth 104 (119:8) Through thy commaundementes I get vnderstandyng: therfore I hate all wayes of falshood 105 (119:1) Thy worde is a candell vnto my feete: and a lyght vnto my pathes 106 (119:2) I haue made an oth (which I wil ratifie) for to kepe thy iuste iudgementes 107 (119:3) I am troubled aboue measure: quicken me O God accordyng vnto thy worde 108 (119:4) Let the freewyll offerynges of my mouth please thee O God: and teache me thy iudgementes 109 (119:5) My soule is alway in my hande: yet I do not forget thy lawe 110 (119:6) The vngodly haue layde a snare for me: but yet I swarued not from thy commaundementes 111 (119:7) I haue claymed thy testimonies as myne heritage for euer: for they are the very ioy of myne heart 112 (119:8) I haue applyed myne heart for to fulfyll thy statutes: euen to the worldes ende 113 (119:1) I hate hygh subtile deuices: and I do loue thy lawe 114 (119:2) Thou art my refuge and my shield: I geue earnest attendaunce vnto thy worde 115 (119:3) Auoyde from me ye malicious [persons:] and I wyll kepe the commaundementes of my Lorde 116 (119:4) Strengthen me in thy worde and I shall lyue: and make me not ashamed of my hope 117 (119:5) Holde thou me vp and I shalbe safe: and I will loke gladly vpon thy statutes alwayes 118 (119:6) Thou hast troden vnder foote all them that go astray from thy statutes: for their crafty deuice is but falshood 119 (119:7) Thou hast dispatched out of the way all the vngodly of the earth lyke drosse: therfore I loue thy testimonies 120 (119:8) My fleshe trembleth for feare of thee: and I am afrayde of thy iudgementes 121 (119:1) I haue executed iudgement and iustice: [wherfore] leaue me not to such as do offer me wrong 122 (119:2) For thy owne goodnesse sake take thy seruaunt vnto thy protection: let not the proude oppresse me with wrong 123 (119:3) Myne eyes haue faynted with lokyng for thy saluation: and for the worde of thy [ryghteousnesse. 124 (119:4) Deale with thy seruaunt accordyng vnto thy owne louyng kyndnesse: and teache me thy statutes 125 (119:5) I am thy seruaunt, graunt me vnderstandyng: that I may knowe thy testimonies 126 (119:6) It is tyme for [me] to do for Gods cause: for they haue brought thy lawe almost to nothyng 127 (119:7) Therfore I loue thy commaundementes: aboue golde and precious stone 128 (119:8) Therfore I take all thy commaundementes euery one of them to be ryght: & I vtterly hate all wayes of falshood 129 (119:1) Thy testimonies [contayne] wonderfull thinges: therfore doth my soule kepe them 130 (119:2) The first entering of thy wordes will illuminate: geuyng vnderstanding euen vnto the simple 131 (119:3) I opened my mouth and panted: for I bare a great affection to thy commaundementes 132 (119:4) Loke thou vpon me and be mercifull vnto me: as thou vsest to do vnto those that loue thy name 133 (119:5) Direct my steppes in thy worde: and so shall no wickednesse haue dominion ouer me 134 (119:6) Redeeme me from the fraudulent dealyng of men: and I wyll kepe thy commaundementes 135 (119:7) Make the lyght of thy countenaunce shyne vpon thy seruaunt: and teache me thy statutes 136 (119:8) Ryuers of waters gushe out of myne eyes: because men kepe not thy lawe 137 (119:1) O God: thou art iust and vpryght in thy iudgementes 138 (119:2) Thou hast commaunded the iustice and the veritie of thy testimonies: [to be obserued] very strayghtly 139 (119:3) My zeale hath consumed me: because myne aduersaries haue forgotten thy wordes 140 (119:4) Thy worde is purified to the vttermost: and thy seruaunt loueth it 141 (119:5) I am small and of no reputation: [yet] I do not forget thy comaundementes 142 (119:6) Thy ryghteousnesse is an euerlastyng righteousnesse: & thy lawe is the trueth 143 (119:7) Trouble and griefe haue taken holde vpon me: yet thy commaundementes be my delyght 144 (119:8) The righteousnesse of thy testimonies is euerlastyng: make me to vnderstande [them] and I shall lyue 145 (119:1) I haue called with my whole heart, heare me O God: I wyll kepe thy statutes 146 (119:2) I haue called vpon thee, saue me: and I wyll kepe thy testimonies 147 (119:3) I haue preuented [other] in the dawnyng of the day, and I cryed vnto thee: for I geue earnest attendaunce vnto thy wordes 148 (119:4) Myne eyes haue preuented the nyght watches: that my study might be wholy in thy wordes 149 (119:5) Heare my voyce accordyng to thy louing kindnesse: make me to lyue O God after thy iudgementes 150 (119:6) They that mynde to do an act of mischiefenesse, do drawe nye vnto me: they are farre from thy lawe 151 (119:7) But thou art nye at hande O God: and all thy comaundementes be trueth 152 (119:8) As concernyng thy testimonies: I haue knowen long since that thou hast made them to last for euer 153 (119:1) Beholde myne affliction & deliuer me: for I haue not forgotten thy lawe 154 (119:2) Defende thou my cause & redeeme me: make me to lyue accordyng vnto thy worde 155 (119:3) Saluation is farre from the vngodly: for they study not thy statutes 156 (119:4) Thy mercies be manifolde O God: make me to liue accordyng to thy iudgementes 157 (119:5) There be many that do persecute me and be myne aduersaries: yet I do not swarue from thy testimonies 158 (119:6) I sawe transgressours, and I was greeued at the heart: because they kept not thy lawe 159 (119:7) Beholde howe I loue thy commaundementes: quicken me O God accordyng to thy louyng kindnesse 160 (119:8) The beginning of thy word is trueth: and all the iudgementes of thy ryghteousnesse endure for euermore 161 (119:1) Princes haue persecuted me without a cause: but my heart hath stoode in awe of thy wordes 162 (119:2) I am as glad of thy worde: as he that fyndeth a great bootie 163 (119:3) That which is false I hate and abhorre: but thy lawe I do loue 164 (119:4) I do prayse thee seuen tymes euery day: for loue of the iudgementes of thy iustice 165 (119:5) They that loue thy lawe shall haue great prosperitie: and nothyng shall offende them 166 (119:6) Lorde, I haue wayted after thy saluation: and I haue done thy commaundementes 167 (119:7) My soule hath kept thy testimonies: and I haue loued them exceedyngly 168 (119:8) I haue kept thy commaundementes and testimonies: for all my wayes are before thee 169 (119:1) Let my crye O God approche neare vnto thy face: make me to vnderstande [euery thyng] accordyng vnto thy worde 170 (119:2) Let my supplication come before thee: deliuer me accordyng to thy worde 171 (119:3) My lippes shall powre out [thy] prayse: when thou hast taught me thy statutes 172 (119:4) My tongue shall syng of thy worde: for all thy commaundementes are ryghteousnesse 173 (119:5) Let thyne hande be redie for to ayde me: for I haue chosen thy commaundementes 174 (119:6) I haue longed for thy saluation O God: and thy lawe is my whole deligh 175 (119:7) Let my soule lyue, and it shall prayse thee: and thy iudgementes shalbe an ayde vnto me 176 (119:8) I haue gone astray lyke a lost sheepe: oh seke out thy seruaunt, for I haue not forgotten thy commaundementes