Numbers 29:1-6

Bishops(i) 1 And in the first day of the seuenth moneth ye shall haue an holy couocation, ye shal do then no seruile worke: For it is a day of blowyng the trumpettes vnto you 2 And ye shall offer a burnt offeryng for a sweet sauour vnto the Lorde, one young bullocke, one ramme, and seuen lambes of a yere olde, without blemishe 3 And their meate offering shalbe made of floure mingled with oyle, three tenth deales vnto the bullocke, and two tenth deales vnto the ramme 4 And one tenth deale vnto one lambe, throughout the seuen lambes 5 And an hee goate for a sinne offeryng, to make an attonement for you 6 Beside the burnt offeryng of the moneth and his meate offeryng, and beside the dayly burnt offeryng and his meate offeryng, and the drynke offerynges of the same, which must be done accordyng vnto the maner of them, for a sauour of sweetnesse, it is a sacrifice made by fire vnto the Lorde