Nehemiah 9:27-37

Bishops(i) 27 Therefore thou gauest them ouer into the hand of their enemies that vexed them: And in the time of their trouble whe they cryed vnto thee thou heardest them from heauen, and through thy great mercie thou gauest them sauiours which helped them out of the hande of their enemies 28 But when they came to rest, they turned backe againe to do euill before thee: therefore leftest thou them in the hande of their enemies, so that they had the dominion ouer them: And when they conuerted, & cryed vnto thee, thou heardest them from heauen, and many times hast thou deliuered them according to thy great mercie 29 And testifiedst vnto them, that thou mightest bring them againe vnto thy lawe: Notwithstanding, they were proude, and hearkened not vnto thy commaundementes, but sinned in thy lawes, which if a man do, he shall lyue in them: and turned the shoulder away, and were stiffenecked, and would not heare 30 Yet many yeres diddest thou forbeare them, and testifiedst vnto them through thy spirite, euen by the hand of thy prophetes, and yet would they not heare: therefore gauest thou them into the hand of the nations of the landes 31 And for thy great mercies sake, thou hast not vtterly consumed them, neither forsaken them: for thou art a gratious and mercifull God 32 Now therfore our God, thou great God mightie and terrible, thou that kepest couenaunt and mercie, regarde not a litle al the trauaile that hath come vnto vs, and our kinges, our princes, our priestes, our prophetes, and our fathers, and all the people since the time of the kinges of Assur, vnto this day 33 And truely thou art iust in al that thou hast brought vpon vs, for thou hast done right: As for vs, we haue ben vngodly 34 And our kinges, and our princes, our priestes, and our fathers, haue not done thy lawe, nor regarded thy commaundementes, and thy earnest exhortations, wherewith thou hast exhorted them 35 And they haue not serued thee in their kingdome, and in thy great goodnesse that thou gauest them, and in the large and plenteous lande which thou gauest before them, and haue not conuerted from their wicked workes 36 Beholde, we are in bondage this day, and so is the lande that thou gauest vnto our fathers to eate the fruites and goodnesse thereof, beholde there are we bondmen 37 And great is the increase of it vnto the kinges whom thou hast set ouer vs because of our sinnes, and they haue dominion ouer our bodies and cattaile, euen as they wyll them selues: and we are in great trouble