Nehemiah 8:14-17

Bishops(i) 14 And they founde written in the lawe which the Lorde had commaunded by Moyses, that the children of Israel should dwell in boothes in the feast of the seuenth moneth 15 And that they should cause it to be declared and proclaymed in all their cities, and throughout Hierusalem, saying: Go foorth vnto the mount and fetch Olyue brauches, Pine braunches, Myrtel braunches, Palme braunches, & braunches of the thicke tree, to make boothes, as it is written 16 And so the people went foorth, and fet them and made them boothes, euery one vpon the roofe of his house, and in their courtes, and in the courtes of the house of God, and in the streete by the water gate, and in the streete of the port of Ephraim 17 And all the congregation of them that were come againe out of the captiuitie, made boothes, & sat vnder the boothes: for since the time of Iosua the sonne of Nun, vnto this day, had not the children of Israel done so: And there was very great gladnesse