Joel 1:16-20

Bishops(i) 16 Is not the meate cut of before our eyes, [yea] mirth and ioy from the house of our God 17 The seede is rotte vnder their cloddes, the garners are destroyed, the barnes are ouerthrowen: for the corne is withered 18 O howe cattell mourne? the heardes of beastes are in wofull case for lacke of pasture, and the flockes of sheepe are destroyed 19 Unto thee O Lorde wyll I crye, for feare hath destroyed the fruitfull places of the desert, and the flambe hath burnt vp all the trees of the fielde 20 The beastes also of the fielde crye out vnto thee: for the riuers of waters are dryed vp, and fire hath deuoured vp the fruitfull places of the desert