Haggai 2:16-19

Bishops(i) 16 Before these thinges [were done] when one came to a heape of twentie [measures] there were but ten: so who came to the wyne presse for to drawe out fiftie [vessels of wyne] out of the presse, there were but twentie 17 I smote you with blasting, and with mildeawe, and with hayle, in all the worke of your handes, and you turned not vnto me, sayth the Lorde 18 Consider nowe in your mindes from this day, and afore, from the foure and twentie day of the nynth [moneth,] vnto the day that the foundation of the lordes temple was layde, consider it in your mindes 19 Is the seede yet in the barne? as yet the vines, and the figge tree, and the pomegranate, & the oliue tree hath not brought foorth: from this day will I blesse [you.