Ezekiel 36

Bishops(i) 1 Thou sonne of man prophecie vnto the mountaines of Israel, and speake, heare the worde of the lord O ye mountaines of Israel 2 Thus saith the Lord God: Because your enemie hath saide vpon you aha, the hie places of the worlde are now become ours in possession 3 Prophecie therefore and speake, thus saith the Lorde God: For because that they haue made you desolate, and swalowed you vp on euery side, that ye might be a possession vnto the residue of the gentiles, and ye are taken vp in the lippes and tongues of men, and to the reproche of the people 4 Therefore heare the worde of the Lorde God, O ye mountaines of Israel, thus saith the Lorde God to the mountaines and hils, to the riuers and valleys, to the waste and desolate places, and to the cities that are forsaken, which are spoyled and had in derision on euery side, among the residue of the heathen 5 Therefore thus saith the Lorde God: Surely in the fire of my gelousie haue I spoken against the residue of the gentiles, and against all Edom, which haue appoynted my lande for their possession, which also reioyced from their whole heart with a dispitefull stomake, to cast it out for a pray 6 Prophecie therefore vpon the lande of Israel, and speake vnto the mountaines and hils, to the riuers and dales, thus saith the Lorde God: Behold, this haue I spoken in my gelousie and terrible wrath, because ye haue borne the shame of the heathen 7 Therefore thus saith the Lorde God, I haue lyft vp my hande, surely the heathen that are about you, shall beare their shame 8 But you, O mountaynes of Israel, ye shall shoote out your braunches, and bring foorth your fruite to my people of Israel: for they are at hande to come 9 Beholde I come vnto you, and vnto you wyll I turne my face, that ye may be tilled and sowen 10 I wyll multiplie men vpon you, [euen] al the house of Israel wholly, the cities shalbe inhabited, and the decayed places shalbe repaired againe 11 And I wyll multiplie vpon you man and beast, which shal encrease and bring fruite: and I wyll cause you to dwell after your olde estate, & be better vnto you then at the beginning: and ye shall knowe that I am the Lorde 12 Yea I wyll cause men to walke vpon you, [euen] my people Israel, & they shall possesse thee, and thou shalt be their inheritaunce, & thou shalt no more hencefoorth depriue them of [men 13 Thus saith the lorde God, Forsomuch as they say vnto you, thou art an eater vp of men, and a waster of thy people 14 Therefore thou shalt eate no more men, neither destroy thy people any more, saith the Lorde God 15 Neither wyll I cause men to heare in thee the shame of the heathe any more: neither shalt thou beare the reproche of the people any more, nor cause thy folke to fall any more, saith the Lorde God 16 Moreouer, the word of the Lord came vnto me, saying 17 O thou sonne of man, when the house of Israel dwelt vpon their owne grounde, they defiled them selues with their owne wayes and imaginations: so that in my sight, their way was lyke the vncleannes of a remoued woman 18 Wherfore I powred my wrathful displeasure vpon them, because of the blood that they had shed in the lande, and because of their idols wherewith they had defiled it 19 I scattered them also among the heathen, so that they were strawed about in the landes: according to their wayes, & after their owne inuentions, so did I iudge them 20 And when they entred vnto the heathen whyther they went, they polluted my holy name, when they saide of them, These are the people of God, & are gone out of his lande 21 Then spared I my holy name, which the house of Israel had dishonoured among the gentiles where they came 22 Therfore tel the house of Israel, thus saith the Lorde God: I do not this for your sakes O house of Israel, but for my holy names sake which ye dishonoured among the heathen where ye came 23 Therefore I wyll halowe my great name againe, which among the gentiles is polluted, for ye your selues haue dishonoured it among them: & the gentiles shall know that I am the Lorde saith the Lorde God, when I shalbe sanctified in you before your eyes 24 As for you, I wyll take you from among the heathen, and gather you together out of all countreys, and bring you againe into your owne lande 25 Then wyll I sprinckle cleane water vpon you, and ye shalbe cleane: yea from all your vncleannes and from all your idols shall I cleanse you 26 A newe heart also wyll I geue you, and a newe spirite wyll I put into you: as for that stony heart I wyll take it out of your fleshe, and geue you a fleshy heart 27 I wyll geue my spirite among you, and cause you to walke in my comaundementes, and ye shall kepe my iudgementes and do them 28 And so ye shall dwell in the lande that I gaue to your fathers: & ye shalbe my people, and I wil be your God 29 I wyll deliuer you from all your vncleannes, I wyl call for the corne, and wyll encrease it, and lay no famine vpon you 30 I wil multiplie the fruites of the trees and the encrease of the fielde: so that ye shal receaue no more reproche of hunger among the heathen 31 Then shall ye remember your owne wicked wayes, and your imaginations which were not good: so that ye shalbe irksum in your owne eyes for your sinnes and abhominations 32 But I wyl not do this for your sakes, saith the Lorde God, be ye sure of it: therefore O ye house of Israel, be ashamed and confounded of your owne wayes 33 Moreouer, thus saith the Lorde God, what time as I shal cleanse you from al your iniquities, then wil I make the cities to be inhabited againe, and the places that be decayed shalbe repaired 34 The desolate lande shalbe tilled againe, which afore time lay waste in the sight of al them that went by 35 And they shal say, this waste lande was like the garden of Eden: and these waste and desolate and ruinous cities [were] strong [and] inhabited 36 Then the residue of the heathen that lye rounde about you, shall knowe that I the Lord repaire that was broken downe, and plant againe that that was made waste: euen I the Lord haue spoken it, and wyl do it in deede 37 Thus saith the Lorde God: I wyll yet for this be sought of the house of Israel, to do it for them, I wyll multiplie them as a flocke of men 38 Like as the holy flocke, and the flocke of Hierusalem are in the hie solempne feastes, so shall also the wasted cities be filled with flockes of men: and they shal knowe that I am the Lorde