Ezekiel 20:21-24

Bishops(i) 21 Notwithstandyng, their sonnes rebelled agaynst me also, they walked not in my statutes, they kept not my iudgementes to fulfyll them, which he that doth shall liue in them, they prophaned my Sabbath dayes: and I sayde, I woulde powre out mine indignation ouer them, and accomplishe my wrath vpon them in the wildernesse 22 Neuerthelesse, I withdrewe my hand and wrought for my names sake, lest it shoulde be defiled in the sight of the heathen, before whom I had brought them foorth 23 I lift vp my hande to them also in the wildernesse, that I would scatter them among the heathen, and strawe them among the nations 24 Because they had not kept my iudgementes, but cast aside my statutes and broken my Sabbathes, and their eyes were after their fathers idols