Exodus 23:14-17

Bishops(i) 14 Three feastes thou shalt holde vnto me in a yere 15 Thou shalt kepe the feast of vnleauened bread: thou shalt eate vnleauened bread seuen daies long, as I commaunded thee, in the tyme appoynted of the moneth Abib: for in that moneth ye came out of Egypt, and see that no man appeare before me emptie 16 And the feast of haruest when thou reapest the first fruites of thy laboures, whiche thou hast sowen in the fielde: And the feast of ingathering, [whiche is] in the end of the yere, when thou hast gathered in thy labours out of the field 17 [These] three times in the yere, shall all thy men chyldren appeare before the Lorde God