Daniel 4:32-35

Bishops(i) 32 And thou shalt be cast out of mens companie, thy dwelling shalbe with the beastes of the fielde: so that thou shalt eate grasse like oxen, and seuen times shal passe ouer thee, vntil thou knowest that the hyghest hath power vpon the kingdome of men, and geueth it vnto whom it pleaseth hym 33 The very same houre was this matter fulfilled vpon Nabuchodonozor, so that he was cast out of mens companie, & did eate grasse like oxen, and his body was wet with the deawe of heauen, till his heeres were growen as Egles [fethers] and his nayles like byrdes clawes 34 When this time was past, I Nabuchodonozor lift vp myne eyes vnto heauen, and mine vnderstanding was restored vnto me: then gaue I thankes vnto the highest, I magnified & praysed hym that liueth for euermore, whose power is an euerlasting power, and his kingdome is from one generatio to another 35 And all they that dwel vpon the earth, are to be reputed as nothing, and according to his will he worketh in the armie of heauen, among the inhabitours of the earth: and there is none that may resist his hand, or say vnto him, what doest thou