2 Kings 25:2-7

Bishops(i) 2 And the citie was besieged vnto the eleuenth yere of king Zedekia 3 And the ninth day of the moneth, there was so great hunger in the citie, that there was no bread for the people of the lande 4 And the citie was broken vp, and all the men of armes [fled] by night by a way through a gate [which is] betweene two walles by the kinges garden (the Chaldees lying about the citie:) And the king went the way toward the playne 5 And the souldiers of the Chaldees folowed after the king, and toke him in the playne of Iericho: and all his army were scattered away from him 6 So they toke the king, and brought him to [Nabuchodonosor] the king of Babylon to Ribla, where they gaue iudgement vpon him 7 And they slue the sonnes of Zedekia before his eyes, and he put out the eyes of Zedekia, and fettered him with chaynes, and carryed him to Babylon