1 Timothy 1:13-16

Bishops(i) 13 Beyng a blasphemer, and a persecuter, and an oppressour: But yet I obtayned mercie, because I dyd it ignorauntly in vnbeliefe 14 Neuerthelesse, the grace of our Lorde was exceedyng aboundaunt, with faith and loue, which is in Christe Iesus 15 This is a faythfull saying, and by all meanes worthy to be receaued, that Christe Iesus came into the worlde to saue synners, of whom I am chiefe 16 Notwithstandyng, for this cause was mercie shewed vnto me, that in me the first, Iesus Christe myght shewe all long sufferyng, to the example of them which shoulde beleue on hym to lyfe euerlastyng