1 Samuel 14:16-20

Bishops(i) 16 And the watchmen of Saul in Gibea Beniamin, sawe: And behold, the multitude were discomfited, & were smitten as they went 17 Then sayd Saul vnto the people that was with him: Searche, and see who is gone away from vs. And when they had numbred, beholde, Ionathan and his harnesse bearer were not there 18 And Saul sayd vnto Ahia: Bring hyther the arke of God. (For the arke of God was at time with the children of Israel. 19 And while Saul talked vnto ye priest, the noyse that was in the hoaste of the Philistines spred farther abrode and encreased. And Saul sayd vnto the priest: Withdrawe thyne hande 20 And Saul ioyned him selfe vnto al the people that were with him, & they came to the battell, and behold euery mans sword was against his felow, and there was a very great discomfiture