1 Corinthians 16

BIB(i) 1 Περὶ (Concerning) δὲ (now) τῆς (the) λογείας* (collection) τῆς (which is) εἰς (for) τοὺς (the) ἁγίους (saints), ὥσπερ (as) διέταξα (I have directed) ταῖς (the) ἐκκλησίαις (churches) τῆς (-) Γαλατίας (of Galatia), οὕτως (so) καὶ (also) ὑμεῖς (you) ποιήσατε (are to do). 2 κατὰ (Every) μίαν (first) σαββάτου (of the week), ἕκαστος (each) ὑμῶν (of you) παρ’ (aside) ἑαυτῷ (him) τιθέτω (let put), θησαυρίζων (treasuring up) ὅ¦τι (what) ἐὰν (if) εὐοδῶται (he may be prospered in), ἵνα (so that) μὴ (not) ὅταν (when) ἔλθω (I might come) τότε (then) λογεῖαι* (collections) γίνωνται (there should be). 3 ὅταν (When) δὲ (then) παραγένωμαι (I shall have arrived), οὓς (whomever) ἐὰν (if) δοκιμάσητε (you might approve), δι’ (with) ἐπιστολῶν (letters) τούτους (these) πέμψω (I will send) ἀπενεγκεῖν (to carry) τὴν (the) χάριν (bounty) ὑμῶν (of you) εἰς (to) Ἰερουσαλήμ (Jerusalem). 4 ἐὰν (If) δὲ (then) ἄξιον (suitable) ᾖ (it is) τοῦ (for) κἀμὲ (me also) πορεύεσθαι (to go), σὺν (with) ἐμοὶ (me) πορεύσονται (they will go). 5 Ἐλεύσομαι (I will come) δὲ (however) πρὸς (to) ὑμᾶς (you), ὅταν (when) Μακεδονίαν (Macedonia) διέλθω (I shall have gone through); Μακεδονίαν (Macedonia) γὰρ (for) διέρχομαι (I am going through). 6 πρὸς (With) ὑμᾶς (you) δὲ (then) τυχὸν (possibly) παραμενῶ* (I will stay), ἢ (or) καὶ (even) παραχειμάσω (I will winter), ἵνα (so that) ὑμεῖς (you) με (me) προπέμψητε (may equip), οὗ (wherever) ἐὰν (if) πορεύωμαι (I may go). 7 οὐ (Not) θέλω (I want) γὰρ (for) ὑμᾶς (you) ἄρτι (now) ἐν (in) παρόδῳ (passing) ἰδεῖν (to see); ἐλπίζω (I hope) γὰρ (indeed) χρόνον (a time) τινὰ (certain) ἐπιμεῖναι (to remain) πρὸς (with) ὑμᾶς (you), ἐὰν (if) ὁ (the) Κύριος (Lord) ἐπιτρέψῃ (permits). 8 ἐπιμενῶ (I will remain) δὲ (however) ἐν (in) Ἐφέσῳ (Ephesus) ἕως (until) τῆς (-) Πεντηκοστῆς (Pentecost). 9 θύρα (A door) γάρ (for) μοι (to me) ἀνέῳγεν (has opened) μεγάλη (great) καὶ (and) ἐνεργής (productive), καὶ (and) ἀντικείμενοι (are opposing) πολλοί (many). 10 Ἐὰν (If) δὲ (now) ἔλθῃ (comes) Τιμόθεος (Timothy), βλέπετε (see) ἵνα (that) ἀφόβως (without fear) γένηται (he might be) πρὸς (with) ὑμᾶς (you); τὸ (the) γὰρ (for) ἔργον (work) Κυρίου (of the Lord) ἐργάζεται (he is doing), ὡς (as) κἀγώ (also I). 11 μή (Not) τις (anyone) οὖν (therefore) αὐτὸν (him) ἐξουθενήσῃ (should despise). προπέμψατε (Equip) δὲ (however) αὐτὸν (him) ἐν (in) εἰρήνῃ (peace), ἵνα (so that) ἔλθῃ (he might come) πρός (to) με (me); ἐκδέχομαι (I am expecting) γὰρ (for) αὐτὸν (him), μετὰ (with) τῶν (the) ἀδελφῶν (brothers). 12 Περὶ (Concerning) δὲ (now) Ἀπολλῶ (Apollos) τοῦ (the) ἀδελφοῦ (brother), πολλὰ (greatly) παρεκάλεσα (I exhorted) αὐτὸν (him) ἵνα (that) ἔλθῃ (he should go) πρὸς (to) ὑμᾶς (you) μετὰ (with) τῶν (the) ἀδελφῶν (brothers), καὶ (and) πάντως (at all) οὐκ (not) ἦν (was) θέλημα (his will) ἵνα (that) νῦν (now) ἔλθῃ (he should come); ἐλεύσεται (he will come) δὲ (however) ὅταν (when) εὐκαιρήσῃ (he shall have opportunity). 13 Γρηγορεῖτε (Watch you); στήκετε (stand firm) ἐν (in) τῇ (the) πίστει (faith); ἀνδρίζεσθε (act like men); κραταιοῦσθε (be strong). 14 πάντα (All things) ὑμῶν (of you), ἐν (in) ἀγάπῃ (love) γινέσθω (let be done). 15 Παρακαλῶ (I exhort) δὲ (now) ὑμᾶς (you), ἀδελφοί (brothers), οἴδατε (you know) τὴν (the) οἰκίαν (house) Στεφανᾶ (of Stephanas), ὅτι (that) ἐστὶν (it is) ἀπαρχὴ (firstfruit) τῆς (-) Ἀχαΐας (of Achaia), καὶ (and) εἰς (to) διακονίαν (service) τοῖς (to the) ἁγίοις (saints), ἔταξαν (they have devoted) ἑαυτούς (themselves), 16 ἵνα (that) καὶ (also) ὑμεῖς (you) ὑποτάσσησθε (be subject) τοῖς (-) τοιούτοις (to such as these), καὶ (and) παντὶ (to everyone) τῷ (-) συνεργοῦντι (joining in the work) καὶ (and) κοπιῶντι (laboring). 17 Χαίρω (I rejoice) δὲ (however) ἐπὶ (at) τῇ (the) παρουσίᾳ (coming) Στεφανᾶ (of Stephanas), καὶ (and) Φορτουνάτου (Fortunatus), καὶ (and) Ἀχαϊκοῦ (Achaicus); ὅτι (because) τὸ (-) ὑμέτερον (your) ὑστέρημα (deficiency), οὗτοι (these) ἀνεπλήρωσαν (have filled up). 18 ἀνέπαυσαν (They refreshed) γὰρ (for) τὸ (-) ἐμὸν (my) πνεῦμα (spirit) καὶ (and) τὸ (-) ὑμῶν (yours). ἐπιγινώσκετε (Recognize) οὖν (therefore) τοὺς (-) τοιούτους (such as these). 19 Ἀσπάζονται (Greet) ὑμᾶς (you), αἱ (the) ἐκκλησίαι (churches) τῆς (-) Ἀσίας (of Asia). Ἀσπάζεται (Greet) ὑμᾶς (you) ἐν (in) Κυρίῳ (the Lord) πολλὰ (heartily), Ἀκύλας (Aquila) καὶ (and) Πρίσκα (Prisca), σὺν (with) τῇ (the) κατ’ (at) οἶκον (house) αὐτῶν (of them) ἐκκλησίᾳ (church). 20 Ἀσπάζονται (Greet) ὑμᾶς (you), οἱ (the) ἀδελφοὶ (brothers) πάντες (all). Ἀσπάσασθε (Greet) ἀλλήλους (one another) ἐν (with) φιλήματι (a kiss) ἁγίῳ (holy). 21 Ὁ (The) ἀσπασμὸς (greeting), τῇ (the) ἐμῇ (own) χειρὶ (hand) Παύλου (of Paul). 22 Εἴ (If) τις (anyone) οὐ (not) φιλεῖ (loves) τὸν (the) Κύριον (Lord), ἤτω (let him be) ἀνάθεμα (accursed). Μαράνα* (Marana) θά* (tha)! 23 Ἡ (The) χάρις (grace) τοῦ (of the) Κυρίου (Lord) Ἰησοῦ (Jesus) μεθ’ (be with) ὑμῶν (you). 24 Ἡ (The) ἀγάπη (love) μου (of Me) μετὰ (be with) πάντων (all) ὑμῶν (you) ἐν (in) Χριστῷ (Christ) Ἰησοῦ (Jesus). ⧼Ἀμήν⧽ (Amen).