BDB3132 [H2768 H2769]

חֶרְמוֺן proper name, of a mountain Hermon (sacred mountain, compare Sabean מחרם, etc., temple, Arabic interior of mosque, asylum, WetzstZKW see 1884, 115 RSSemitic i, 93; 2nd ed., 94) — the highest peak of Anti-Lebanon range, usually snow-capped, commanding southern Syria & northern Palestine; it is called שִׂיאֹן by the author of Deut 4:48 by the Amorites שְׂנִיר, by the Sidonians שִׂרְיֹן Deut 3:9. It has three peaks; and the names חרמון and שׂניר, distinguished in 1Chr 5:23; Song 4:8, may refer to two of these peaks; חֶרְמוֺנִים Ps 42:7 probably refers to these different peaks (see RobBR iii. 357 BädPal 301). It is a northern boundary ׳עד הר ח Deut 3:8; Josh 12:1 הר חרמוֺן mount Hermon is used also Josh 11:17; Josh 12:5; Josh 13:5; Josh 13:11; 1Chr 5:23 but חרמון Josh 11:3; Ps 89:13; Ps 133:3; Song 4:8. see בַּעַל חֶרְמוֺן Judg 3:3; 1Chr 5:23 (see Wetzstib. 115).

חֶרְמוֺנִים see foregoing.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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