BDB8885 [H8138]

III. שָׁנָה verb repeat, do again (Late Hebrew id.; Eccl 42:1 Arabic bend, fold, double; Aramaic תְּנָא repeat, also teach, ; Assyrian šanû, especially Pi`el repeat, relate, compare ScheilZA v (1890), 409 (Dl thinks denominative); on ׳שׁ as √of שְׁנַיִם two, see PhilippiZMG xxxii (1878), 77 Baib. xli (1887), 603); —

Qal Perfect 3 masculine singular ׳שׁ 2Sam 20:10 Imperfect 1 singular אֶשְׁנֶה 1Sam 26:8, etc.; Imperative masculine plural שְׁנוּ 1Kgs 18:34 Participle שֹׁנֶה Prov 17:9; Prov 26:11do again: לוֺ ׳וַיַּכֵּהוּוְ֗֗֗לֹא שׁ 2Sam 20:10, compare 1Sam 26:8 absolute 1Kgs 18:34 (twice in verse); Neh 13:21 = speak again Job 29:22 + Job 40:5 according to many moderns (אשׁנה for ᵑ0 אענה); בְּדָבָר ׳שׁ Prov 17:9 repeat with a thing, keep talking about it (שנות דבר Eccl 42:1); Prov 26:11 a dullard repeats with (ב) his folly, does it over again (learns nothing by experience). Niph`al Infinitive construct וְעַל הִשָּׁנוֺת הַחֲלוֺם אֶלפַּֿרְעֹה פַּעֲמָ֑יִם Gen 41:32 (E) concerning the dream's being repeated, etc.

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew and English Lexicon
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