BDB6762 [H6509 H6500]

[פָּרָה] verb bear fruit, be fruitful (Late Hebrew = Biblical Hebrew 1, פְּרִי = Biblical Hebrew; Phoenician פר fruit; Ethiopic , blossom, bear fruit; Assyrian pir'u, posterity; compare also ᵑ7 פֵּירָא Syriac fruit, and BaZMG xii (1887), 604): —

Qal Perfect 3 plural פָּרוּ Exod 1:7 1 plural consecutive וּפָרִינוּ Gen 26:22, etc.; Imperfect 3 masculine singular יִפְרֶה Isa 11:1, etc.; Imperative masculine singular פְּרֵה Gen 35:11, masculine plural פְּרוּ Gen 1:22 +; Participle active פֹּרֶה Deut 29:17, feminine פֹּרִיָּה Ezek 19:10; Isa 17:6, פֹּרָת (Ges«GKC:80g»§ 80g; for *פֹּרַיַת LagBN 81) Gen 49:22 (twice in verse); —
1. of men and animals, Exod 23:30 (E) Gen 26:22 (J); especially + רבה Jer 3:16; Jer 23:3; Ezek 36:11; Gen 35:11; Gen 47:27 (P), and שָׁרַץ (P) Gen 8:17; Gen 9:7; Exod 1:7, ׳פְּרוּ וּרְבוּ וּמִלְאוּ וגו Gen 1:22; Gen 1:28; Gen 9:1.
2. of vine, גֶּפֶן פֹּרִיָּה Isa 32:12 fruitful vine, so Ps 128:3 (simile of wife); compare (in figurative of Israel) Ezek 19:10 in Messianic prediction Isa 11:1 a shoot from his [Jesse's] roots shall bear fruit; with accusative ראֹשׁ ׳שֹׁרֶשׁ פ figurative, Deut 29:17 a root bearing gall (as its fruit); יִפְרוּ יֶשַׁע Isa 45:8 is dubious, read perhaps 3 feminine singular תֵּפֶר let earth be fruitful in salvation (Oort and others); Participle f., as substantive, הַפֹּרַיָּה the fruit-bearer, poetic for tree, Isa 17:6 (compare [סָעִיף] 2); so בֵּן פֹּרָת Gen 49:22 (twice in verse) Joseph is son of a fruit-bearer, i.e. a fruitful bough.
Hiph`il 1. cause to bear fruit,
2. make fruitful, subject ׳י with accusative of man or people:
1. Perfect 3 masculine singular suffix הִפְרַנִי Gen 41:52 (E).
2. in P, וְהִפְרֵתִ֫י Gen 17:6; Gen 17:20 (רֵיתֵ֫י-), + הִרְבָּה Lev 26:9 (H); Imperfect 3 masculine singular jussive יַפְרְךָ וְיַרְבְּךָ Gen 28:3, וַיֶּפֶר Ps 105:24 Participle הִנְנִי מַפְרְךָ וְהִרְבִּיתִךָ Gen 48:4.
3. shew fruitfullness, bear fruit (Ges«GKC:53c»§ 53 c, d, g): Imperfect 3 masculine singular יַפְרִיא Hos 13:15 (as if from פרא).

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